Department of the Interior: NO drilling in the Arctic. No on Lease Sale 193

Below is just a sampling from the past few days…warnings from the scientific community about the dire predicament that the Department of the Interior is putting us all into.  What in the HELL is it going to take to make the Department of the Interior realize that they are COMPLICIT in heating up our planet and pushing us to the brink of a runaway greenhouse effect which spells E-X-T-I-N-C-T-I-O-N for humanity? Their selling off of our natural resources to the highest bidder is reckless and will be criminalized, if allowed to continue. The names of those aiding and abetting this horrific history of bad decision making are all over their ridiculous, moronic reports about the effects of drilling for gas and oil. Their reports are simply meant to placate the American public that the government has done its “due diligence,” but no one is fooled by this ruse and enormous waste of precious time.

Grow a pair of balls, Interior, and say NO to the fossil fuel industry that believes that it controls this nation through its inexhaustible avarice.

If anyone needs a reminder of just what the consequences of such actions are causing, this one (below) is from December 17, 2014:

Arctic-Report-Card_Page_1 Arctic-Report-Card_Page_2 Arctic-Report-Card_Page_3

The article below is from today:

Climate-change-costs_Page_1 Climate-change-costs_Page_2

And finally, the most devastating of them all, also from just today:

Coral-Clues_Page_1 Coral-Clues_Page_2 Coral-Clues_Page_3