Call to action: today it’s Florida, tomorrow it could be your state

What can you do TODAY to fight climate change? Whether or not you live in Florida, don’t be fooled into thinking that this isn’t your problem.

Tomorrow morning starting at 9:30am, the Public Service Commission (PSC) in Florida will be deciding on a proposal, put forth by Duke Energy and Florida Power and Light, Inc. (FPL), to stick Floridians with the high costs associated with their exploration of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Oklahoma. You may recall that this same Florida PSC decided on December 1st of this year to phase out rebates on solar energy and scale back Florida’s commitment to renewable energy. What made them make such a reckless decision? They were following the directions given by FPL, Duke, and Tampa Electric in a “report” they concocted.

The link to a related article is here: By the way, Florida has the 3rd best solar potential in the nation; however, it’s commitment and adoption of clean energy sources remains oddly abysmal.

This Duke/FPL proposal to fleece Floridians is an absolutely horrible idea and it is being watched VERY closely by big gas and oil companies around the country as it’s the first and most audacious attempt by any of these crooks to pass on their “risk” to frack to unknowing consumers. And these risks are, indeed, very high. When you take into consideration the fact that fracking is very damaging to the environment, highly pollutive to water sources, causes earthquakes in the areas around wells, and further heats up an already dangerously hot climate, you can see why they’d like to pass on not only the costs to perform the extraction, but possibly the responsibility for legal action and culpability down the line when one of the many lawsuits against these polluters gets a foothold.

And then you must also think about how gas and oil prices have plummeted recently due to an oversupply in the world market coupled with OPEC’s war on US gas and oil overproduction, which have made the insanely expensive process of fracking too risky a proposition for these profit-driven corporations to take on without the “safety net” of YOU, the consumer, picking up their tab.

Here is a link to the Tampa Tribune’s article this past Sunday about the upcoming decision by the Florida PSC:

Make no mistake, Florida, if you allow Duke and FPL to pass on the high costs associated with the dirtiest and most expensive form of fossil fuel extraction on earth, you will also be taking on the liability when things go wrong. And they ALWAYS go wrong in this industry.

So, what can YOU do? Sharing this post is one very small part of what needs get accomplished TODAY. Your window of opportunity is very brief. The decision will be made tomorrow and the (live) proceedings can be accessed through the PSC website:

Between now and then, please contact the PSC in as many ways and as often as possible. Just because their office may close at 5pm today doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t hear from you after hours, around the clock, until the end of the day tomorrow. Here is that contact information:

Phone number (and they will ask for your name and address, by the way so have one “ready,” like I did): (800) 342-3552

Fax: (800) 511-0809