Red Scare 3.0 – Anatomy of a rumor

As the 113th Congress winds down to an unnecessary break from their complete lack of doing anything other than mudslinging and raising money, we have a lot to look forward to upon their inevitable return. Put on your seat belts and secure all overhead luggage. I’m calling it right here and now.  It’s going to be an all new and improved Red Scare. We’ll refer to is as Red Scare 3.0 (Red Scare 1.0 was during the 1920’s and Red Scare 2.0 was during the 1940’s-1950’s).

For anyone who fancies themselves an environmentalist, someone who cares about renewables in ANY way at all, or if you’ve even uttered the words “climate change,” “global warming,” “CO2,” or “green,” get ready to be labeled a commie sympathizer, “Putin Pawn,” un-American, or traitor.  How does this type of thing rear it’s ugly head again, anyway? Let us look at this opinion piece in The Hill from Congressman Pete Olson (R-TX), an intellectual titan who equates Rex Tillerson and the Koch brothers with Marcus Welby, MD:


Notice how he just slips in that Vladimir Putin is behind the green movement throughout Europe. No context, no proof, no uncertainty in his assertion whatsoever. WHAM! It’s just out there, dangling, waiting to be referenced and regurgitated for an army of paid shills just looking for a new slogan to get behind. Can’t you just see it now in the Heartland Institute journals of idiocy, “The European Green Movement is full of COMMIES.”  And Olson is probably buying up all the Cracker Jack’s boxes as I write this just so he can fish around for his medical license toy prize, since he’s also apparently taking the Hippocratic oath.

Lessons learned from the tobacco industry include, but are not limited to, that old chestnut of saying something enough times and in as many places as possible until it becomes a “fact.” Or at least something that gets ingrained in our collective consciousness. Where did this Russian conspiracy notion come from? Here’s a clue in The Daily Caller from June 2014 (be sure to read the last page of this article. Greenpeace says what everyone is thinking about NATO’s odd announcement):





The backstory and genesis of Olson’s crazy opinion piece in The Hill gets a little clearer in this Aljazeera America article:

JAZEERA-biggerjpeg_Page_1 JAZEERA-biggerjpeg_Page_2 JAZEERA-biggerjpeg_Page_3

You may recall that the Pungesti, Romania protests to the fossil fuel industry and fracking from memes like this one:


So, hunker down and get ready to defend the fact that caring about the planet is NOT un-American. It is not a subplot created by the Kremlin. If you own Birkenstocks, break them out and start wearing them proudly. I suggest that we start the “branding” right now. If we do NOT play the same kind of game that these crooks have been playing (and winning) for decades, but instead consider ourselves much too high and mighty, far too dignified since we are actually armed with facts and real evidence, then it really will be “game over” for the climate. It may be already, but we must try and get ahead of the game(s).

In my continued effort towards criminalizing the fossil fuel industry, en masse, I say we start labeling them murderers, crooks and schemers and let them try and find an oath for THAT since greed and profits are the only thing they really stand for.