Why is the Komen Foundation drilling for a cure?

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Pull up a chair and get yourself ready, partner for a good ole Texas tale with more twists than a pretzel factory (apparently a Texas saying). A few days ago one of our friends on this Page asked for help in opposing plans for fracking in her home state of Florida.

I began looking into the company which plans to drill in the Florida everglades. It’s called Baker Hughes, Inc. out of Texas, and while reading about this company, several reports popped up about the Susan G. Komen Foundation endorsing pink hydraulic fracking drill bits and taking a donation from the same company, Baker Hughes. Hmm.

Komen is being criticized for accepting the $100,000 donation from what seems an incongruous corporate pairing (hydraulic fracturing company) as this process is reported to cause health problems in people living near its activities, including cancer. And it’s apparently not their first donation from Baker Hughes. I began thinking about what motivations might make Komen go out on such a limb for so little money, potentially raising the ire of the women who support them. As I looked through the Komen website for clues, I glanced at their Board of Directors. The Komen Board of Directors is headed up by Mrs. Linda Custard who is the President of a Texas company called Custard/Pitts Land & Cattle Company. It’s activities are oil and gas drilling, but that’s not even close to the real oil and gas money in that family. The real oil powerhouse is her husband, William Custard who is the President of Dallas Production Inc. which is a huge oil and gas company. Mr. Custard’s associates include, among others, Martin Craighead, the President of Baker Hughes, Inc. (the same company acquiring permits to frack in Florida).

As I’m looking into this odd coincidence, I see that Mr. Custard and Mr. Craighead are in the library with the lead pipe…oh wait, wrong game. But seriously, they are both members of a high powered group called the National Petroleum Council whose purpose is to advise the US Department of Energy Secretary. To me, this seems like asking the wolf to hold the keys to the hen house (I’ve provided a link in my Notes tab to the website of this secretive group who advise the Department of Energy. More on that in a separate post).

Why would a foundation committed to helping women face a serious health risk like breast cancer be endorsing a fracking drill bit and, by extension, an industry linked to so many dangerous methods of oil and gas extraction? I think I can take a guess.