What can you do TODAY to fight injustice?

And this will take less than 5 minutes. 7 minutes TOPS.

The petitions, which are on WhiteHouse.gov, are time sensitive. If the person who created the petition doesn’t get 100,000 signatures in 30 days, it expires. All you do is click the links I’ve provided below, sign your name and provide an email address and then when the email verification comes through to you, just confirm your email address. One other bit of information is that you may want to “uncheck” the box under your signature so you don’t receive a bunch of WhiteHouse.gov “crap.”

Petition Number One
Title: Intervene to Protect Civilians at Standing Rock, and Launch Federal Civil Rights Investigation of Law Enforcement in ND

“In North Dakota, state and local law enforcement agents are violating the civil rights of indigenous peoples and their allies who have gathered in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. The clear bias and failure to apply equal justice under the law is on full display in the press releases of the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, which has turned a blind eye to its duty to investigate crimes such as assault against water protectors perpetrated by security personnel hired by the Dakota Access Pipeline. State and local law enforcement has violated the constitutional rights of journalists by targeting them for arrest to obstruct news coverage. The administration should open a federal civil rights investigation and intervene to protect indigenous civilians at Standing Rock.”

This petition expires on November 28, 2016. It has received 30,833 signatures, so it still needs 69,167 more to move to a potential next step.

Petition Number Two
Title: Commute Chelsea Manning’s Sentence to Time Served

“Chelsea Manning has been incarcerated since May 2010, including in unlawful, unusually harsh solitary confinement for 11 months before her trial. She has spent the past six years helping others.

Chelsea has already served more time in prison than any individual in United States history who disclosed information in the public interest. Her disclosures harmed no one.

President Obama, as you and the medical community have recognized, prisoners who face solitary confinement are more likely to commit suicide.

Chelsea is a woman in a men’s facility facing ongoing mistreatment. She has attempted suicide and has been punished with additional time in solitary confinement for her desperation. Her life is at risk and you can save her.

Please commute Chelsea Manning’s sentence to time served.”

This petition expires on December 14, 2016. It has received 22,654 signatures, so it still needs 77,316 more to move to a next potential step.

Petition Number Three
Title: Stop the Violence Against Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters Now 

“We are calling on President Obama to federalize and mobilize the National Guard to stop the violence against the Water Protectors currently peacefully opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s time for this country to begin respecting the rights of Native Peoples and learn from the from our history of oppression. The violence must end now. The 1st amendment right to protest must be upheld. As JFK said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

This petition expires on December 20, 2016. It has received 1,883 signatures, so it still needs 98,117 more to move to a next potential step.

Petition Number Four
Title: Pardon Julian Assange!

“We the people deserve a transparent government that can no longer hide it’s dark secrets from its citizens. The only way to ensure that our tax payer dollars aren’t funding immoral practices is to know everything that our government is up to so that we may hold them accountable for their misdeeds and abuses of power. Julian Assange and Wikileaks has promoted government transparency around the globe and as result faces criminal charges and was forced to seek asylum in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy. This is a family man that deserves the freedom to be able to go home to his family. Please sign in the name of a free press, for the protection of whistleblowers, and for government transparency and accountability. Please help spread this petition like wildfire! Thank you and God bless America!”

This petition has 9 signatures, so it still needs a lot of help. It needs exactly 99,991 signatures to move to a next potential step.

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This is related to Petition Number Three (above). I was watching the PBS NewsHour tonight (Wednesday, November 23rd). There was not one mention, not one single word, about the protests and violence against water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Of course, there also wasn’t any mention of it (that I found) at any of the mainstream media news outlets. And this, on the eve of Thanksgiving (as of there hasn’t been enough abuse and misinformation about treatment of Native Americans!). At the end of the NewsHour segment, the host commented on their show having reached a Facebook “milestone.” Apparently, they’ve hit one million followers. No doubt that is more related to the death of beloved Gwen Ifill; however, I personally took the opportunity to leave a comment on their FB page about their glaring lack of coverage about Standing Rock. Here is a screenshot of their post about them celebrating their one millionth follower:


So please, follow this link if you are on Facebook and leave a comment, anywhere, about how appalling it is to have omitted the news about what is going on at Standing Rock. It is absolutely disgusting and illegal for those peaceful protestors to be shot at with water cannons in sub-freezing weather, to have violent acts perpetrated against them by a stupid damn pipeline company and their paid thugs, although we should all know by now who isn’t doing much to help the water protectors.






  1. Thanks, Schatzie, for compiling this group of timely petitions and potent comment opportunity for online activists. I’m taking action on all of them right now, before dinner festivities.


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