Buyer beware: Hillary Clinton’s definition of the word “infrastructure” is bad news for Native Americans (and the planet)

If Hillary Clinton is going to be the next POTUS, we all need to recalibrate our understanding of basic English because she’s going to be using different words meaning entirely different things that should be red flags for most of us. For example, if you hear “Public Private Partnerships,” or P3, that’s a bad thing. That means that she’s doling out power and control to those she owes favors to, and that is a VERY long list.

A current and important new term to add to our glossary is “infrastructure,” because it’s been put into use for cover since the beginning of the year to mean “pipelines, natural gas, fossil fuels,” and the like. Here is a Wikileaks email outlining THAT strategy, which is being used just today in a very active and sinister way to dodge making a stand on the Dakota Access Pipeline:


And here is a direct link that email.

As you can see, that email is dated February 9, 2016, and three days later, on February 12th, those busy bees over at her campaign headquarters wrote up the next whopper of a document and put it on her website, which nestles (more) “all of the above” and drill, baby, drill nicely into the ambiguous word,“infrastructure.”  By the way, the yellow highlighter in their document (below) was not done by me. That was their emphasis.


You can access her CYA “fact sheet” directly on her website here.

To see her infrastructure is a code word for pipelines galore strategy in action, behold the statement just sent to one of the Indian Country Today Editors, which he shared on Twitter:


The Clinton campaign must be feeling fairly confident they’re going to win the presidential election, or else there would be SO MUCH MORE ass-kissing and obfuscating. If I had to grade that statement (above), I’d give it a “We don’t have to even bother bending over too, too far backwards and pretend we care about the Tribes because we’re going to win. Screw you, Native Americans.”  If only Wikileaks could be a fly on the wall in the Clinton campaign headquarters right now, although I suspect that Podesta et al are now using sign language and working out of sound proof rooms (since their headquarters is being “visited” by indigenous people). We’ll see if they decide that they’d better play nice until the election. I’d put $20 dollars on it depending on how much media coverage they endure because of their non-stance on the Dakota pipeline.Either way, this will be the new “normal” if Clinton becomes president. The public will have to escalate and call her out on every wrong move, which is going to be fucking exhausting, to say the least, because, by all accounts, the law and campaign promises will be out the door faster than you can say, “pay to play.”

Expect more mid-line to fascist stuff like this when her handlers are she is truly in power and she can liberally flip us all the bird on a regular basis. I expect one of her next gymnastic moves will entail finding a “path” to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.