Is Hillary Clinton using a green screen to fake her public appearances?

This question was posed by one of my daughters a few weeks ago. She showed me YouTube videos of one of Clinton’s speeches which definitely looked strange since it kept flitting in and out, and was not properly aligned with the background. The phones being held up by the people at the rally also did not match up with what they should have been seeing. It had quite a few “Matrix-looking” glitches in it:

Or this one:

At the time, the best I could tell my daughter was, “I just don’t know.” I still don’t really know, but now I’m thinking that my daughter and her friends may have been on to something.

I’ve been reading the Wikileaks Podesta emails for weeks now. Just today, there was another email dump (the 16th) and as I was scrolling through the #Podesta16 on Twitter, someone innocuously was asking why Podesta would need a video editing service (there were a few emails to Podesta from Mechanism Digital). That tweet now seems to have vanished, but it got me wondering about the North Carolina campaign appearance that my daughter was talking about.

Here is an email to Podesta from a high tech video editing service, which can be accessed directly using this link:


Below is the video which was attached and sent to Podesta. If it doesn’t give you the chills after watching the weird Clinton appearance in North Carolina in September, then nothing will:

Here is another YouTube video with plenty of weirdness related to that same speech:

Including comments like this one:


The Wikileaks emails from John Podesta’s accounting are so disturbing and damning that this video issue isn’t even near the top of the list, unless, in fact, it is. As I mentioned, the tweet I referred to at the top of this post is gone from that #Podesta16 Twitter page. So are several others which were there when I began reading them this morning. A lot of people on Twitter say that things just disappear, and they are not being paranoid.

conspiracy definition

By the way, am I the only one who thinks it’s weirdly inappropriate and creepy that the DNC refers to Hillary Clinton as “MOM” in an email:

Mom reference Wikileaks

I have tried very hard not to hate Hillary Clinton. Hell, I even wrote a few posts about how we should all vote for her out of the preponderance of information about how damaging a Trump presidency would be. As you can see by looking at this website, I deleted those two posts. I don’t believe that any more. I don’t know who to vote for, or who to vote against.

I just hope that people appreciate those of us who are not being paid to write a bunch of lies and garbage at the direction of Hillary Clinton or some other entity. We are out there, but we’re doing it at our own expense, on many levels.

Here’s a tweet I recently saw which seems particularly relevant: