Of course Isabel dos Santos is still a crooked wretch

Let me just say it right up front that I do believe that people can change. For the better, for the worse, whatever. The one thing I’ve never seen is change among the truly evil, totally corrupt, and criminally greedy sociopathic. Any supposed comeuppance is, by any definition, all for show. If there is someone who defies this description, I welcome their name for further scrutiny.

And so, having read the headlines and perused the online database of information regarding the Panama Papers, it almost goes without saying that Isabel dos Santos, the morally, ethically, and intellectually bankrupt daughter of Angola’s dictator President Jose Eduardo dos Santos would pop up. I’d actually be shocked not to see the dos Santos spawn of Satan in the mix.

As you can see from this article in the Malta Times, Isabel dos Santos has been slithering along the sidelines (or more) of the offshore money-laundering havens set up by law firm Mossack Fonseca. How could she resist? What would have been a better place to launder billions of dollars stolen from the people of Angola? As I wrote about here last year, calling Isabel dos Santos the most cold hearted bitch on Earth, the dos Santos family knows no shame. Sure, they may try to buy legitimacy and squirm out of the “ew” pile by paying off people like Nicki Minaj, but they are, and will always be, utter and complete garbage.

While their country teeters on the border between a) glad to be alive, and b) wishing for sudden death, the dos Santos family has been busy clawing at every rock, crevice, diamond mine, scrap of mineral wealth, and potential oil well hungrily raping and pillaging, while their citizens remain stuck in the 18th or (at best) the 19th century in terms of their healthcare. quality of life, education level, life expectancy, and level of social services.

And with the elder geezer Eduardo dos Santos clutching onto power with his failing grip, his daughter, Isabel, the least ugly face of this thieving family of dynastic – wannabes, works to secure the family fortune before it’s time to cut bait and seek  asylum in such “go to” destinations as, well, maybe China or North Korea. Who knows where they’ll end up? One thing is sure: they’ll need to secure their stolen Angolan wealth in readily accessible safe havens like Panama if they’re going to have any chance of paying off those who might sacrifice them to the gallows, which is where they belong.

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