Fuck Hillary Clinton (and the Democratic Party she rode in on)

By putting that one word in the title of this post, I’ve essentially limited its viewing, but there is no other substitute for the word fuck.

Since Facebook became a bonafide multinational corporation with shareholders and everything, if a Page on their website wants to have its posts actually seen by anyone, including your own followers (unless something manages to independently achieve escape velocity), you have to pay for it. So, for example, if I didn’t pay Facebook to put my work in news feeds, no one would ever see them, making it all essentially a big waste of time. By the way, this is the reason I started a GoFundMe campaign, since I’ve paid for all of this from the very start of my blogging (began in Fall 2014), by myself. Why do I bother? Because I feel very passionate about the issues I choose to write about. If I didn’t pay up, I’d be wasting my time and not getting my message out.

But let’s get back to the word fuck.

Since there is a swear word in the title, Facebook’s advertising guidelines will not even allow me to promote this post since the title might offend some people. So it will be up to readers to share it or else it doesn’t get seen. There is no better word than fuck to use because Hillary Clinton is the worst, most corrupt candidate ever. Okay. Maybe not ever, but, dollar-for-dollar, she definitely sucks more than the vast majority those who have gone before her.

First of all, how bad must she be if Harry Reid has to strong arm and pressure casino workers to go out and make sure that they vote for her in Nevada, and yet, she still barely ekes out a win? Not only does she need people to prod, pay, and finagle practically every “win” or endorsement she gets, but we voters must either be the stupidest assholes on Earth, or we look like the stupidest assholes on Earth because Clinton is not only blatantly at the beck and call of every major Wall Street firm, multinational corporation, oil and gas company, and bank that you can think of, but she even goes to a political fundraising event in Philadelphia hosted by a $17 billion dollar hedge fund  (heavily invested in fossil fuels) right before the Iowa caucuses. I’m not even kidding.

It’s so bizarre that one of three things must be going on: 1) she’s so arrogant that she thinks no one will figure it out, 2) we voters are, or appear to be, such imbeciles that no one even cares what we figure out, or 3) her campaign counts on the media to generally control the content and flow of information, so that not enough people, or not the right people, will ever put this whole con game together. Maybe it’s all three.

But there should be a fourth thing which allows Hillary Clinton et al to do whatever the hell they want, and it’s something that even money can’t buy: Bernie Sanders doesn’t run negative campaigns. It’s the biggest, luckiest break for a Clinton candidacy because virtually every aspect of her past, present, and most-likely future time in the public eye screams, at the top of its lungs: Hillary Clinton can be bought for the right price!

clinton sachs

If the typical politician, literally any other candidate, were opposing her in the primaries, they would barely need to lift a finger to angle the spotlight towards her inadequacies and failings. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel, really.

Here’s a rundown of what Hillary Clinton has proven (and if there is opposing evidence, I welcome it):

  1. She is no friend to blacks and minorities and will betray them – again.
  2. She’s no friend to the environment unless forced “to be,” and worse yet, she has blatantly and consistently supported  fracking and the fossil fuel industry and was always a supporter of the Keystone XL pipeline (until Bernie Sanders’ own strong position against such things forced her to speak out against it);

  3. Wall Street and big business love her – and with good reason;

  4. She not only has always supported the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) but was heavily involved in the architecture of the deal and if elected president, will more than likely, make sure it happens. Remember that it was her husband, Bill Clinton, who saddled us with NAFTA and look at what a fucking disaster that has been

  5. Big banks will not be “broken up” by her and will only get stronger and richer if she’s president. Clinton is heavily funded by not only Big Banks, Big Pharma, the fossil fuel industry, and Wall Street, but also by private prisons. Hillary Clinton is a Republican in sheep’s clothing, and, as such, provides the best cover for those industries ever, which is why they are throwing money at her (and she’s taking it).

I could go. I could provide a thousand links. It’s all, practically every bit of it (with the exception of the Goldman Sachs speeches which have been seriously “deep sixed” – I tried to find them) at our collective fingertips, just sitting there waiting to be read, if we choose to do so.

There is no excuse, no explanation, and no logic behind a truly credible, sincerely intended, and seriously progressive Democatic candidate being not just “cozy,” but entirely bought and paid for by the very industries and corporations that need to be reined in.

No sane person can say this out loud and believe it:

If elected President, Hillary Clinton can take over $27,000,000 in speaking fees (just since 2013), and tens of millions of dollars for her presidential campaign, from Wall Street, big banks, pharmaceutical companies, and the fossil fuel industry AND still impartially and independently rein them in. 

Clinton dollars signs


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  1. Fuck Clinton, Trump, and the entire political system. Get money out of politics, make lobbying illegal, and eliminate the electoral college.

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  2. I am from AR. I am poor and have no escape. What is worse is having been from Mena ( nobody has the slightest idea about them) The thought of them being ushered in to the Whitehouse! I am not right wing, tea party, or any other stupid label. I just happen to be in favor of the human race. Holy fuk, I feel like I have no voice, people won’t listen! My parents watch cable news which I long ago turned off. It is like another reality. This is terriblel! If people thought Kim Jung Fukhead was bad just wait til we are jealous of them. They will be making fun of what used to be America and our lack of rights. There has been a take over that has been going on for awhile in collusion with MSM, our supposed gov, etc. Try to complain? To who!? Apparently the people who are supposedly looking out for us wont do anything about it! SORRY, UGHHHHH! I am so disgusted right now!

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    • You have a voice. And I am listening. Thank you for your comment. Your one sentence about “people who are supposedly looking out for us won’t do anything about it,” nudges up against a much deeper and more substantive issue that most don’t, or can’t put their finger on. I suggest you look (on this site) for the article about California and the Prudent Man. I touched on that concept there, and if you want to read a really fantastic book about this type of thing (the people we elect to govern us NOT doing the proper governing), I suggest, “Revolution Justified” by Roger H.J. Cox. It will blow you away – not only with the common sense concepts that we have forgotten, but also with the justification (thus, the title) for the anger you feel. Hang in there!


  3. You said what no HRC supporter wants to hear! When I’ve spoken of these types of things I’ve faced ostracism and asked to indicate who I will vote for when Sanders is not the candidate in November? Who even thinks it is their privilege to ask someone that, or imply what will happen to them if they won’t reveal their vote to them? The HRC gang is a pretty cock sure bunch! I find bullying about the lowest form of behavior anyone can display, and too many of them go there pretty quickly.

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    • I just stared at that title for this post for a few days, really hating the “f” word, but I’m just so disgusted by the “sausage making” process underway here in the US. No other sentiment seemed correct. Thank you for commenting!


  4. I would never fuck a Klingon :). Noam Chomsky would also rather have Sanders, whom he calls more of a New Dealer than a socialist. Sanders just seems very radical in light of the prevalent right-wing mentality in the U.S.
    As Chomsky says, “It’s not a charade. There are differences between the parties. And small differences in a system of great power can have enormous consequences.” Naturally, with Sanders instead of Klingon, the differences between the Republicans and Democrats are far more pronounced.

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  5. “Rein in” (restrict) is what Hillary won’t do to her big-money contributors if she gets to “reign” (rule) as president. Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly with your post. . . That’s why I’m one of Bernie’s many small monthly donors!

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