Bring it on, Hillary Clinton

I can smell the flop sweat from here. That whiff of desperation. There’s a sinking feeling permeating the Clinton campaign that screams (oh shit) the general public is “on” to us. We are, in fact, not as stupid as we look. Apparently we look pretty stupid. Guess what? Go to hell, Clinton campaign.

I am by any account or definition, at the very least, a “middle aged woman” (52 years old). According to all the much-lauded polls, I’m supposed to be someone, by virtue of my having a vagina, who is a Hillary Clinton supporter. I don’t know who’s conducting those polls, and who they’re talking to, but I don’t know one real and actual middle-aged woman who likes Hillary. And until Bernie Sanders thankfully threw his hat into the presidential rink, I was just resigned to settle for the least bad candidate, which would be Hillary. I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life so I was grateful that the Democrats had (even from the beginning) a much more electable candidate. After all, we’re going to have Supreme Court judges to sort out, right? You can’t take a chance with stuff like that.

New reports are out that Clinton and her gang of corporate and fossil fuel thieves are about to “up” both their direct attacks and their proxy war against Bernie Sanders. This time, it will be by trying to kick up (non-existent) dust about Sander’s health and medical records. Come on. Serously? Just watching what he accomplishes in one day makes me want to take a nap, and I’m not a nap (or a sitting down) kind of person.

Hillary Clinton, who is not an entirely healthy person, is not that much younger than Bernie. It just so happens that she colors her hair and so she looks less her age than he does. America under Hillary Clinton would be a terrible, prolonged, and entirely avoidable disappointment. Nothing would change for the better. In fact, I’m pretty sure it would  be worse since, like with Barack Obama, Democrats and progressives would have a delayed reaction and serious lag time before they’d be able to see through the haze of their confirmation biases and dashed hopes. It would take at least a few years for most on the left to even be able to acknowledge her betrayal and broken promises through her political double speak.

I, for one, would take just one year of a Bernie Sanders presidency if I had to over 8 years of  disappointment, half-truths, and the further corporatocracy of America under Hillary Clinton.