Why aren’t FEMA & the National Guard helping Flint, Michigan?

I don’t understand why Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have proper drinking water. The US military costs over a trillion dollars a year (in fiscal year 2015), and that’s just tallying up money from most, but not all, sources (including the VA, CIA, Homeland Security, Department of Justice, Department of Energy, and interest payments on past military expenses but not including DOD or NSA). It’s actually roughly $1.3 trillion dollars per year. Well,first of all, that’s disgusting. But secondly, how about the US citizens of Flint, Michigan, who have no drinking water, no water filters, nothing to take a shower in, or give to their thirsty dog or cat —- how about they get a refund? I’ll go way out on a limb and guess that they’d prefer that their portion of US military expenditures be used for WATER, and not bomber aircraft that no one can use because they’re not working properly. The most basic human need is water and those right here in the United States haven’t got it. I don’t know where to file that in my brain.

As of 10pm on Thursday night, January 7th, people in Flint (population roughly 100,000) are still being left for dead. They’re like the modern equivalent of ROADKILL. Roadkill which has a social media campaign, actually, since people on the “outside” know about this situation, which has been going on for a year and a half, and we are pissed off and disgusted but do not live close enough to actually help. Those in a position of “authority” are cowering and afraid to show their faces in Flint (aka Governor Rick Snyder) along with other segments of the US government, who are more than likely going to be seen busily wringing their hands and authorizing research dollars which do nothing at all.

Without torturing the point, I’d suggest that FEMA, the National Guard, the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, the Reserves, and especially the person who created this problem, Governor Rick Snyder, do the following:

1) Get a huge tank of water for each HOUSEHOLD in Flint;

2) Put the tankers on a bunch of trucks – if you can’t find any, look on military bases;

3) And be sure to figure out how to get the water filter gadgets to work and get enough of them to attach to each household’s faucet (kitchen, bathrooms, showers, outside faucets for pets) and do it yourself and teach the residents how to put the replacement filters on correctly so that means including enough filter cartridge refills so people don’t need to ration and overuse the ones they have AND;

4) Get your asses over to Flint and help your own people. And when I say “asses” I want to emphasize that the asses I’m referring to in a derogatory manner are not our members of the military who serve bravely wherever they are sent. The asses (literal and figurative) are the leaders who play to politics at the highest level which is riddled with myopic stupidity, greed, and malice;

5) While all that help is going to Flint, doctors, nurses, PA’s and occupational therapists should join them. Keep in mind that everyone there, from babies to the elderly, may be experiencing adverse health effects which impact their ability to help themselves, and to make good decisions regarding their own needs. That’s the thing about being under duress (and this is clinically proven). Your brain is so focused on survival that you get “tunnel vision,” and can’t see the big picture about what you may actually need.

As the richest nation on Earth, how is it that we leave a significant portion of our population, our own people, unable to walk up to their kitchen sink and get a drink of freaking non-poisonous drinking water so that they can (safely) take their high blood pressure medicine? It’s beyond shameful.

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  1. Blake Thorne | bthorne1@mlive.com By Blake Thorne | bthorne1@mlive.com
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    on June 04, 2015 at 5:41 PM, updated June 04, 2015 at 9:50 PM
    GENESEE COUNTY, MI — The contract has been awarded for a new water treatment facility that will process water coming from Lake Huron via a new pipeline.

    The Karegnondi Water Authority, a partnership between the city of Flint and Genesee County, is building the new pipeline to supply the area with fresh Lake Huron water rather than continuing to purchase ready-to-drink water from the city of Detroit.

    The KWA pipeline construction is underway, with officials saying customers could potentially be on KWA water by the end of the year.

    The City of Flint for more than a year has taken water from the Flint River and treated it for customers in the city in an effort to get away from a pricey Detroit-based system. However, that change spurred concerns about water quality.

    Flint has been in violation of safe drinking water standards for TTHM since January, and despite lower levels in 2015 testing, the city has remained in violation this year because TTHM levels were so high at some sites in 2014.

    Flint is a partner with Genesee County in the KWA, and the new pipeline is expected to serve most of the county, including Flint, with drinking water for decades to come. The move would get the city off of the river water.

    Construction is ongoing on the KWA pipeline, which is being built by the county and the cities of Lapeer and Flint, and Lapeer and Sanilac counties.

    The new pipeline is designed to deliver raw water to each community by 2016, and each community will treat the water for drinking or use it raw for agriculture or other business purposes.

    Genesee County owns about 80 acres at Marathon and Stanley roads at the Genesee and Lapeer county border. This will be the site of the new treatment plant.

    The first bid for this project was recently awarded to Dan’s Excavating Inc., a Shelby Township company. At $13.2 million, the bid was well under estimates for this portion of the project, according to the Genesee County Drain Commission.

    Officials are still working out the details about whether a house and barn on the property will stay or be demolished.

    “This bid award signals just how much we have accomplished so far,” said Jeff Wright, Genesee County Drain Commissioner.

    Wright pointed out that several other KWA projects have come in under estimated costs as well, such as bids for the intake, pipeline and pump stations.

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