Bernie Sanders is, at long last, mainstream

It’s been building the last few days. I can’t put my finger on any one “thing,” but a tipping point has been reached. Again and again, all over the media, the same sort of path to redemption is followed. It’s some sort of collective mea culpa which is apparently needed to pave the way for even normal coverage of Bernie’s campaign.

The reporter, journalist, or host will discuss, with real or (I’m guessing) feigned astonishment that Bernie’s campaign has tapped into a huge audience of people, particularly young voters who never really gave a damn before. These previously phantom followers are even finding such esoteric things like campaign finance reform and income inequality riveting. Who knew?

Except that millions of us “knew,” because we’ve been standing with Bernie since he announced his candidacy.

Two things have become utterly unavoidable for the media. The first is that Bernie’s supporters are holding the media’s proverbial feet to the fire and calling them out, online and on air, when they try to ignore the revolution that Sanders has set into motion. The other thing is that Hillary Clinton does not reflect the face or the tone of the progressive movement and the modern Democrat. Her “hail Mary” email to potential campaign contributors in which she lays it out on the line, saying that she’s about to lose in early voting states like New Hampshire and Iowa, speaks volumes.

Listen for it and look for it. You may have missed the absolute white-hot moment of transition from “Sanders is a fluke” to “Sanders just might win this thing,” but you won’t miss the game of catch-up, and “I knew it all along” that will replace the deafening silence that surrounded his campaign mere weeks ago.

So, take your victory lap Bernie, for sure. But even more importantly, take your vitamins because you’re going all the way, Mr. President!


  1. It’s about time that a candidate focused on the economic issues that affect most Americans rather than the wishes of the richest 0.01% or of social conservatives who long for an ideal past that never was. Bernie’s consistent honesty and independence from big donors appeal to everyone who bothers to listen to him.


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