The weather outside is….boiling hot

Where’s the peanut gallery now? And I am, of course, talking about the idiots that represent us in government who just LOVE to cite the presence of a snowflake as proof that climate change isn’t happening. Obviously, I’m not the only one waiting for some pithy comment or stroke of “genius” to emanate from the clown car.

Alan Neuhauser, who reports on energy, environment, and STEM issues for US News and World Report was also curious about the deafening silence. After reposting some of the tweets from climate deniers over the years (upon seeing snow), he went to the sources and asked for comments on the insanely hot “winter” we’re experiencing in the East and South. As I write this, we’re inundated with tornado warnings and alerts here in Kentucky where you practically have to turn your air conditioner on. You can see Neuhauser’s (predictable) results when requesting comments from various congressional offices here.

Meanwhile over at The Weather Channel last night I was blown away to see a 2014 episode from a show called, “Secrets of the Earth” which centered around man made earthquakes in Oklahoma. You know, the state that James “Snowball Chucker” Inhofe has ruined?

inhofe meme

I can’t find a way online to access the episode so that those who haven’t seen it can view it now, but it is beyond incredible that, in light of the media’s utter inability to say, out loud, that anything at all is linked to the activities of the fossil fuel industry or to climate change, The Weather Channel’s scientists just went ahead and said it. The show, which centered around the increasingly dangerous presence of earthquakes in Oklahoma since fracking began in the state, not only blamed it entirely on fracking, but also outlined how the fracking industry in Oklahoma may very well lead to “The Big One” in California due to plate tectonics.

The episode also contained interviews with people whose homes have been leveled by the fracking-induced earthquakes, which, again, the scientists on the show just flat out blame on fracking. No beating around the bush or anything (like we’re used to). Some of the people blatantly say that they’re terrified, traumatized and have lost everything because of the fracking-induced earthquakes. However, things go decidedly “south” at the end of the episode when those same people whose houses had been destroyed by fracking-induced earthquakes, bizarrely, say that they still support the oil and gas industry. Wtf? So it’s like 50 minutes of the horror of fracking and the increasingly dangerous and potent earthquakes that scientists KNOW are being caused by the frackers, and then it’s a few minutes of the people who’ve lost everything basically acting like they’ve been lobotomized. I’m not even kidding.

inhofe postcard border

By the way, I’m fully aware that weather and climate are not the same thing, but Inhofe et al can’t have it both ways…they can’t claim that a cold day in February means that climate change is a hoax AND that record-breaking heat across America in December doesn’t mean a thing.

I’d encourage any readers of this post whose representatives fall in line with the Snowball Chucker Inhofe to call out their politicians on how they’d explain this heatwave. You can bet the farm that the first cold day they experience between now and next summer will be tweeted from the rafters by those very same people.