How the media undermines Bernie Sanders at every turn

Listen for it. It’s not hard to find. Now that Bernie Sanders has managed to get a fleeting mention in the media, every single time they report that Bernie is polling better in New Hampshire than Hillary Clinton, the reporter will invariably also say that New Hampshire is near Vermont. The implication is, of course, that he’s only doing so well in New Hampshire because it’s near his home state. It’s almost as if whoever is writing the news content assumes that no one has a clue where New Hampshire is. Or where New York is. New York is Hillary Clinton’s home state.

And New England is pretty small. It’s all scrunched up together, so New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts – they’re all practically in the same neighborhood.

I’d love to hear, for once, something like, “Bernie Sanders has a double digit lead in New Hampshire, pulling away from Hillary Clinton despite the fact that she won the primary there in 2008 against Barack Obama.