Wolf Blitzer, STFU. Now. Please.

And it’s not just Blitzer and his TV network. It’s all of the mainstream media...STFU. 

No one I know, in real life, talks about Donald Trump. He’s a circus act. A joke. A fringe lunatic. I suspect he’s laughing his own ass off that anyone even pays attention to what comes out of his mouth; however, he’s enough of a narcissist that he’s not going to stop as long as he gets media coverage. So, what’s the correct way to deal with him? And this message goes out to the mainstream media because any teacher of elementary school children knows exactly how to shut him up. 5 words:


But that’s not what’s happening. The media has lost it’s damn collective “mind.” They are the same kind of ratings whores as he is. If they just stop focusing on him, he will go away. It’s that simple.

And every single presidential candidate, on both sides, with the exception of Bernie Sanders, just responds to every single crazy thing he says and disregards what are very important issues in America. Meanwhile, Trump is dragging our nation back to the 20th century. And I’m talking about the ugliest parts of the 20th century. Trump’s fellow GOP candidates, fearing they’ll be left out, merely echo these most shameful, petty, and mean chapters in US history. I personally don’t care that Trump is unelectable as president, or that his demands are unconstitutional and unenforceable. The damage he’s doing along the way to the most vulnerable and least deserving segments of our society is unacceptable. And when you factor in the impact on Muslims and refugees abroad, along with our military service members, who will suffer as a consequence of his self-serving rhetoric, Trump should be considered nothing more than a reckless moron.

If the mainstream media cannot control it’s own content, then we the people need to shut them down. Even tonight, NBC Nightly News starts their coverage with a Trump story. Yes, NBC was criticizing what Trump was spouting off about, but HOW ABOUT they just ignored him? How about THAT kind of (non) coverage for a change? If a network chooses, publicly, to not report on him, THAT would be a respectful strategy. THAT would be a network, or news outlet, that would earn itself some new fans. Sure, Trump would lash out like a petulant toddler at first, but the more he’s marginalized and ignored (and once his tantrums subside), the faster he’ll slither back to his gilded tower.

Wolf Blitzer, et al – if you can’t resist the temptation of a ratings spike with the endless reporting on Trump, then you are no better, and no more responsible, than the orange one.