I’ve always thought conspiracy theorists were nutcases. I feel kind of bad about thinking like that now. I’ve let my own bias against such notions work like a sort of inverse confirmation bias. The fact is that there are such things as conspiracies, and real conspiracies don’t actually get much attention or respect. Go figure.

Having said that, I’m going to introduce a whopper. And while I can put dozens of links throughout this post, I’m not going to. Instead, I will do that separately and later, with the exception of just one link. I personally appreciate links and evidence, but I also know that they can be very distracting when you’re trying to just get through something and not forget where you left off.

First a little background. I decided to devote all my free time to fighting climate change a little over a year ago (summer 2014) at the suggestion of my son who, I suspect, was sick and tired of me talking about it all the time. I got myself incorporated, did the paperwork and went through the whole process to become a federal contractor. I researched countless projects, grants and proposals and spoke with many different scientists, NGO’s, and government officials trying to figure out where I could make the most impact.

Along the way, I began to realize that there was no way to actually do something about climate change while working within a very broken system. So I started this blog, with zero followers, and here I am today, with over 270,000 readers from roughly 150 countries. I have no idea how I’d earn a living doing this, since I pay for all of it by myself and, at this point, I’ve probably insulted or criticized anyone who’d employ me (which is why I put a “tip jar” on my Facebook Page a few days ago) but I have to call it like I see it. More often than not, that means I’m working against the grain, but if I’m not being truthful about climate change, which I believe threatens all living things on Earth, then why even bother? I may as well just do some obscure research on something that pays well, but doesn’t actually change a thing.

Now the conspiracy part….Again, I’m only providing one link for now. And for you to see where I’m going, you have to disengage from your own perspective, political and national; instead of being American, or Canadian, or conservative or liberal, you have to just be human. This is really difficult to do, but, as I often say, try and “swoop out,” and let your preconceived notions fall to your side defenseless for a moment.

The Cold War isn’t exactly over. Yes, the conventional wisdom is that we, the United States, won. The Soviet Union does not exist anymore, or at least not in the same way it did before, but there are still nuclear weapons and a lot of other things which prop modern day Russia up and keep one of Washington’s “eyes” watching it. There is also a very strong, and increasingly dominant China. China and Russia are more similar than not, and they both don’t like the United States very much and they don’t trust the West, in general. There is also something that is referred to as the “petrodollar,” which basically helps keep the US financial house of cards in place, despite the fact that it shouldn’t be, keeping us snugly in our position as the most powerful nation on Earth.

China and Russia (with a few others) are trying to move the global economy past the petrodollar towards something that is referred to as the “petroyuan” (the yuan is China’s currency). There will never, ever be, even in Putin’s Id-driven dreams, a “petroruble,” by the way, and Putin knows it. While moving the global economy toward the petroyuan seems like a long shot, there are signs that it may actually be happening, which scares Washington and Wall Street to death. This issue has fueled the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is jokingly referred to as, “everyone but China.” If you’ve read anything about TPP and then you look at what President Obama says he stands for and it makes your head feel like it’s going to explode (because it makes that little sense for him to be pushing it like he is), well, this is a big part of that situation.

So we’ve got a global economy that runs on fossil fuels, controlled by the United States, which needs it to stay that way. Everything, practically every single “thing,” runs on some sort of fossil fuel. It’s been that way since the mid 1800’s. And since World War II, the US has been the dominant world power. We have the biggest, most expensive military industrial complex (MIC) on Earth, which, by the way, has a bigger carbon footprint than most nations. We need an enemy, otherwise there is no way to justify the MIC. There is no Communist threat, per se, so there had to be a new boogie man. There’s an invisible “gap” here, because the Soviets, who along the way just became “the Russians,” are still our formidable enemy, but not in the same old scary way. Slide China in there, too, because they’re all grown up now and ready to play with the big boys using their people as the slave labor to do whatever’s necessary (more on that later). But at this point, China owns us, debt-wise, and there is no survivable way to oppose Russia thanks to the nukes.

Voila´ – we create our new baddest enemy, call it the Taliban, al Qaeda, the Islamic State…whatever you want. The point is that we NEED them, badly. Without them, we cannot oppose Soviet/Russian attempts at hegemony with proxy wars, and we can’t throw a monkey wrench into China’s big plans for their world domination and control of global money markets. However, controlling our new enemy is proving very, very difficult because the new kids on the block don’t play by the rules that existed in the old gentlemen’s club called the Cold War. This new foe is young, ruthless and probably doesn’t see its role for what it is, which is an integral part in the latest commedia dell’arte. Here’s where it gets ugly, by necessity. There are a lot of soft targets, or civilian casualties. But these are necessary because without them, the whole thing melts into the Wicked Witch “puddle” at the end of the Wizard of Oz. 130 lost in Paris? That’s nothing compared to the many thousands elsewhere who have died for a cause they didn’t even know existed. I know this sounds absolutely batshit crazy because we keep trying to think of our governments as benevolent, and we keep trying to remind each other that they work for us, but this is an outdated model from a different generation.

Here’s what I’m saying: terrorists are not only killing civilians, but they are being allowed to kill civilians. In fact, and this makes my stomach hurt to even think about, they must kill civilians, otherwise they cease to be a threat at all. And I’m going to provide just one link, even though I said I didn’t want to distract anyone, because this is how insane this whole false flag narrative is: we have allowed the Islamic State to thrive and prosper via oil pipelines and oil sales. And we’re not talking about a few barrels smuggled here and there across a border. We’re talking about a huge operation, literally a multinational corporation, which is monitored and watched very closely by Washington and which earns the Islamic State millions of dollars a day. Not only has the US not bombed or taken out any of their oil wells (but they will if shamed enough), which are, of course, sitting ducks, but recently, we did (because of international pressure after Putin bombed the shit out of them, making us look bad) bomb some of their oil trucks – and, get this – we dropped leaflets from airplanes 45 minutes beforehand telling the terrorists what we were going to do and told them that they should abandon their oil trucks so they wouldn’t get killed. I’m not even kidding. Here is a link, because it’s that ridiculous.

We have to, we simply must as a superpower, respond every now and then with some level of bluster and force otherwise the whole thing becomes laughable and, again, there would be no way to justify a military or even the notion of a menacing enemy. Think of it like a pressure cooker. If there isn’t a release valve letting off steam, the whole thing just blows up. So, just enough is done, as needed. Just enough indignation is attempted, just enough rule making so that the jig isn’t totally “up.” Here is where the world has changed and Washington doesn’t get it: the Internet helps connect a bunch of dots which would have otherwise been written in invisible ink. More on that, too, later.

The Paris Climate Talks? Not going to really be about the climate anymore, are they? Now they’ll be about terrorism. As a result of the Paris attacks, security is ridiculously high, there are no demonstrations “allowed” under the ruse of safety precautions, and the whole genie meant to address the growing fury about the environment has been stuffed back into the bottle, or at least they’re trying. And if you think back a few months ago about the Paris Climate Talks, and then think about them now, big difference, right? It’s hard to even remember that it was supposed to be a big deal. People around the world were, and are, getting really furious about what they’re seeing done to their environment and they’re also getting scared. Such an organized, pent-up fury requires the equivalent countermeasure. Insert terrorism on November 13th and now it seems almost selfish and petulant to even think about a few polar bears, right? Wrong. The elephant in the room is that if we dare walk across this proverbial “bridge” to the other logical side we must acknowledge that soft targets were considered “acceptable losses” a few weeks ago. The Pandora’s Box that is then opened is that there is a conspiracy bigger than we are, more important than we are, and that the monster under the bed is real. This is horrific, dizzying, and yet, the reality. Even thinking like this seems wrong. Saying it out loud feels risky. Typing it is sickening.

Let’s climb out of the bog for a moment, stand back and look at facts which may not seem connected or obvious:

  1. The US is the most powerful nation on Earth. President Obama has no qualms whatsoever taking out civilians or whoever he wants via drone attacks abroad. I was watching interviews with former CIA officials on TV recently, and a few of them even said out loud that they can’t believe how freely Obama uses this “tool” to deal with nameless, faceless opponents abroad. Most of us don’t even know the full scope of this operation;
  2. We have the technological capability to fly spacecraft around our solar system, to look back to practically the creation of our universe 13.8 billion years ago. We know, with certainty, that we are killing our planet by burning fossil fuels, leaving the scientific community with clinical depression. We have known for decades. And yet, the use of those fossil fuels has only increased exponentially. ExxonMobil did their early research in conjunction with the US government which means that the New York Attorney General’s investigation is going to get messy and incestuous very fast. The Department of Energy and many other government agencies knew full well exactly what was going on, and yet, nothing, absolutely nothing, happened to any fossil fuel company as they not only buried the evidence, but then ramped up rhetoric meant to drown it out;

  3. We could switch to renewable energy next month if it was deemed a priority, which it hasn’t been. Quite the opposite – the government, and in particular, the current president, has accelerated fossil fuel extraction and production to insanely high levels, with fracking causing known adverse health impacts, earthquakes, and the poisoning, forever, of billions of gallons of precious drinking water and if TPP passes, local and state ordinances outlawing fossil fuel extraction (like the law passed in New York state against fracking) will be deemed illegal and New York state will be sued by foreign companies, and New York state will lose;

  4. The Islamic State is not a rational actor, in the parlance of foreign policy analysis. This makes them unruly and difficult to control which also provides plenty of plausible deniability.

There is quicksand under some of “this,” however. China’s population is angrily rearing its collective head because they’re being suffocated by their own industrial pollution and the human toll is horrendous. The ironic and almost funny thing about it is that air pollution actually helps keep atmospheric temperatures artificially lower. But the thought of 1 billion angry citizens revolting is enough to scare any leader. Who are you going to turn to when an uprising is on the horizon? How about Obama? Yes, a high visibility climate “pact” can be arranged since there is a mutual perverse need and one owes the other. The other wildcard which makes this whole situation unpredictable is the Internet. It is the chink in the armor, the loose thread, the “one that got away.” Throw in a few billion smartphones and the “hive” can be lit up. This is, and will be, a mistake if the free flow of information is allowed to continue. The Internet has changed and will change everything. It’s the Achilles heel for any malevolent government. It’s the great equalizer. The poor kid in Nigeria with a smartphone can know as much as the well-heeled Washington insider. Or as much as any great scientist who came before him ever even imagined knowing.

Another badly fitting piece in this puzzle which draws attention to itself is the choice (if there was one) of Barack Obama. It takes less than one degree of separation to see that what President Obama has done in all his years in office does not even remotely resemble his previous priorities. Sure, one can argue that if a Republican had introduced TPP, everyone would be up in arms immediately and see it for what it is, which is a power grab and something that runs counter to the democratic process. But at this point, there are SO many red flags about the dichotomies regarding a) what Obama has done, vs. b) what he stood for, vs. c) what he literally says he stands for every day, that I’m left to think someone didn’t plan this out very well. Factor in that Obama has been the best friend EVER to corporations, big banks, and the fossil fuel industry and then watch the GOP cook up half hearted, fake attacks on stuff that isn’t even true and you have to wonder who could orchestrate such stupid “drama.”

The one thing I can’t prove or provide direct evidence for is the worst thing of all. It’s conjecture and it leads to a very dark place but I can’t see any other possible conclusion from here. Why is our leadership, at the highest and most informed levels, knowingly forcing us to kill ourselves off in an extinction-level event fueled by our carbon based energy usage? Again, scientists know we are pushing the climate to tipping points which will be catastrophic, and yet nothing is being done. Quite the opposite. We are accelerating towards the cliff. And look at Barack Obama. This is not where he started as a politician, by a long shot. If we even try to apply any existing political or international relations “model” to understand what is happening, which is clearly madness and totally illogical, the closest thing is game theory, but with a vicious twist which must be guessed at and said out loud.

The planet is overpopulated. Natural resources are, and will increasingly be, stretched past their natural carrying capacity. A massive “culling” is inevitable, either by nature or deliberately kindled by mankind itself. I do think that some would possibly “survive,” but it certainly wouldn’t be a planet I’d choose to live on. It’s either something like this, or we’re being driven to extinction by aliens from outer space, which makes as much sense as anything in the preceding paragraph except that I’ve never been one of those UFO nutcases.


  1. One way that this could make sense is if the PTB have known for years that there is no way to untip all of the climate dominoes that we have been pushing on, so they’re making the most of the limited time they have left to profit off the rest of us. Either that or they are discounting the future so much that a few more years of profits outweigh near-term human extinction in their calculations. We might still have a chance in the latter case, but only if we first remove them from power. It’s going to get ugly soon enough either way.

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    • But seriously, Robert — how else does this make sense? I can’t think of another way, can you? Even a rumor..I’d look into it. I just don’t understand what else could be going on. What do you think, really? All the money and power in the universe do not trump being ALIVE to enjoy it.


  2. It was the OPEC nations that gave the US the world reserve currency. They agreed to this in exchange for the US not using its own huge natural oil and gas reserves and importing oil from saudi arabia and iran/iraq instead. This made royals families there billionaires. It is this world reserve currency status that allows the federal reserve to limitlessly print money with nothing to back it up.
    While i do not beleive that the climate disaster is coming, I am pretty sure i know why the use of oil and gas will never be stopped, because the US has Trillions in debt and would default on its loans immediately if it lost the world reserve currency to china or anyone else.
    This is the main driver in the background and oil and gas knows it.
    Innovations will/are happening but they will be slowed by the fact that cheap oil and gas make them less appealing.
    This is why it’s funny to listen to the big climate boogyman talk from the US government on one hand and then them praising natural gas and fracking on the other since it is still a fossil fuel.
    In the end, things like renewable foresting, thorium salt reactors and other innovations will slowly start the end of oil based economies.


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