Meet newest Wall of Shame member, ExxonMobil’s Kenneth Cohen

Would you prefer that your villains be brilliant or that they be nitwits? Which is better – that the bad guys are a super smart evil empire methodically trouncing environmentalists OR that they’re just a REALLY lucky bunch of morons who managed to get a slight head start on the rest of us?  I’ve been mulling this over for a few days and, personally, I’d feel a tiny bit better if they were evil geniuses. It would sort of explain why the BILLIONS of us are losing to the few thousand or so fossil fuel scumbags.

In the case of CEO Rex Tillerson’s two crooks lying minions who I’m going to write about, the first one, Kenneth P. Cohen, is not particularly intelligent, not cunning, not very talented, and without unique merit. He’s a blind follower, probably more of a patsy, who is pretty one-dimensional and annoying. Other than that, his ascension to the much ballyhooed position of Vice President of Public and Government Affairs at the Death Star ExxonMobil speaks more about a stuffed suit being at the “right place, right time” than anything else. He’s definitely not some PR “mastermind,” wunderkind, prodigy, or gift from the heavens.

As you may have recently read, ExxonMobil has been outed for being the crooks and liars we always knew they were (#ExxonKnew) in separate investigations by Inside Climate News, the LA Times, and the Columbia School of Journalism. But did you know that some of the stuff that those investigations dug up was apparently already known and had been exposed over the past decade or so? I’ve gone back and found accountings of such deceptive practices by ExxonMobil reported by the Union of Concerned Scientists, Desmogblog, Greenpeace, and the Guardian, to name a few. This, to me, is more than a little upsetting. Sure, through the years, pertinent information was scattered among many sources within the environmental movement. Sure, the internet continues to evolve and we’re all getting better at linking circumstances and happenings in a somewhat more “linear way.” Sure….well, actually I’m not sure why none of them aren’t already in prison.

But let’s get back to new Wall of Shame inductee, Jed Clampett of the Beverly Hillbillies Kenneth Cohen.



Cohen has been furiously blogging and trying to spruce up his company’s already tarnished image, having his people delete some of the old (damning) ExxonMobil webpages (unsuccessfully, I might add) while issuing bullshit statements like this one trying to discredit journalists and any thinking person who can read the documents exposed by the investigators and string simple phrases together. And Cohen is going on and on about the peer-reviewed papers published by ExxonMobil. He’s REALLY been milking that one for weeks. He’s tweeted about all these scientific articles countless times now, including a link to the same old 10 page list. He includes that stupid list when harassing anyone who maligns ExxonMobil’s reputation with such “zingers” as this one:

Ken cohen super DUH

What makes tweets like that one above PRICELESS is that this guy clearly hasn’t read (or he hasn’t understood) anything he’s “reporting,” referencing, linking to, or annoying people with although he’s more than happy to accuse everyone else of this same crime. None of it. Zip. Zero. Nada. Here are just a few examples of his endless prattling on about all these peer-reviewed articles by ExxonMobil:

Ken Cohen duh 1

Ken Cohen duh 3
Ken cohen duh 7

Ken cohen duh 8

Here’s the #CareerFail for Ken Cohen and why I’m bothering to emphasize his continued reference to the 10 pages of ExxonMobil’s “peer reviewed articles” which this idiot thinks prove his company is beyond reproach: that list actually belongs to just ONE PERSON – Dr. Haroon Kheshgi. It was part of his CV until it got “decoupled,” from it. This would be the only smart thing someone over at ExxonMobil has done lately.

You can still find its link to Kheshgi in this way:
Haroon Kheshgi CV

Haroon S. Kheshgi has not previously been on many environmental group’s radar however, thanks to Ken Blabbermouth Cohen, he will be now. And this scientist is a major cog in ExxonMobil’s climate change denial wheel. I’m not kidding when I say that Kheshgi makes Willie Soon look like an amateur.  So Cohen has not only totally outed one of ExxonMobil’s worst offenders in their arsenal of scientists doing real, long-term, “Dick Cheney-level” damage to the climate, but he clearly didn’t even bother to read through or understand what kind of scientific papers Kheshgi has been writing. Some of them are such utter rubbish that they cease to exist anymore. They may have been retracted, but they’re not totally “un-findable.” And the groundwork they a) laid, and b) tried to cement into the fake “debate” about climate change, is pure evil, managing to cast unwarranted doubt on the early settled science.

For example, take a look at #13 on ExxonMobil’s much lauded “list.” It’s title is, “Estimating the uncertainty of zonal paleotemperature averages.” I challenge anyone to find that article. Anywhere. You won’t.

You will find citations to it (with no links)…
Kheshgi citation jpeg

Oh, and that Russian paleotemperature reconstruction bullshit listed above? That can still be found (I have it) and it’s garbage.  Kheshgi doesn’t even list it on his ExxonMobil “deliverables.”

But #13 on the ExxonMobil list of crowning scientific “achievements” did real damage  to early work in climate science before and after it got yanked. It’s referenced in at least one book which tries to cast doubt on the science of climate change, and its intended “premise” (that it’s impossible to accurately know global temperature levels in the distant past thus attempting to cast doubt on the present) got woven throughout the early work of the UN’s IPCC assessments which Kheshgi wormed his way into, from the First Assessment to the Fifth Assessment, with a Special Report or two thrown in for good measure.

I’ll write separately about Haroon Kheshgi because he is that bad. Suffice to say, Ken Cohen is a nitwit. Those 104 articles that he and ExxonMobil are so proud of range from Kheshgi trying to cast doubt on the very premise of anthropogenic global warming, to his bright idea to wait another 1,000 years to do anything at all (more on that later), to his crackpot scheme to dump many tons (annually) of soda ash into the oceans to raise alkalinity levels, forcing the seas to radically increase their CO² absorption (voila´ – global warming is fixed). WTF?

In the end, who is more dangerous – the lucky idiot or the evil genius? I’m coming to the conclusion that the worst outcomes are when they manage to find each other.