Bernie Sanders is slated to win the nomination and presidency


Guess what I did with the title of this post?

I primed you.

Whether you like the title of this post or not, whether you agree with it or not, consider yourself “primed” by a statement like that. One definition of media priming is as follows:

Political media priming is “the process in which the media attend to some issues and not others and thereby alter the standards by which people evaluate election candidates.”

I listen in amazement to the mainstream media (including NPR, by the way) and watch the big network’s evening news, and then watch countless other media outlets simply parrot back what we already know is a phony narrative in a rigged game to shut out Bernie Sanders.

Clinton now has tight grip on Dem nomination | TheHill_Page_1
Clinton now has tight grip on Dem nomination | TheHill_Page_2

Check out this unsubstantiated load of BS from The Hill:

Could that story be more inaccurate and more biased? Bernie isn’t even included in the “tags” at the bottom. Such bold statements by The Hill and those who are included in the article could maybe be made, at most, about Hillary’s dominance over Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaign, but think about it for a moment…would they be? I really don’t think they’d do it. This Hill piece, and a lot of other stuff on outlets like CNN are not unlike calling election results before the polls even close – and then, calling them wrong. So, how weird is all this?

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Kiss Babies. That a Problem? - The New York Times_Page_1

Here is a gigantic load of drivel from the New York Times. I’ll give this guy credit: he’s sneaky and snarky about it. He’s better than the younger (less well-paid) journalists who clearly can’t even mess all that much with our minds. This guy, Healy is twisting and contorting his overall message, trying to make it hard to tell “whose side he’s on.” Except that it actually isn’t that hard. Child’s play, really.

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Kiss Babies. That a Problem? - The New York Times_Page_2
Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Kiss Babies. That a Problem? - The New York Times_Page_3
Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Kiss Babies. That a Problem? - The New York Times_Page_4
baby kissing page 5

Here’s a message to Bernie Sanders (if he ever reads this): please do NOT sit around chatting with me if I ever meet you. Do not “ask” for my vote, and do not kiss my ass. Why not? First of all, I’m a grown up and I can think for myself without being conned, and second, this country is in some pretty deep trouble and you, Bernie, do not have time for hand holding.

1Sanders boasts of campaign’s strength on ‘The View’ | TheHill
page 22

Here’s another slam from The Hill:

Bernie simply cannot get a break no matter what he does. And even when he does absolutely nothing different than he’s done for the past 30 years, they have to just make some kind of drama up. ALL he’s “doing” is staying on message. There’s no scandal, no maligning Clinton…it’s all in the way they frame the narrative, making the taste and feel of the entire article bizarrely unpleasant and negative.

The media is controlled and owned by corporate America (I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I understand how our evolved brains try to make connections that just aren’t there, so I almost feel like a conspiracy theorist even TYPING this except that I’ve seen it with my own eyes) and they are not going to lose their well-funded puppet presidency in Hillary Clinton without a fight. Hell, just look at what CNN, and particularly CNN Politics, tweets about every day. They aren’t even pretending to be balanced in their reporting. CNN is owned by Time Warner, by the way, and Time Warner is one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest campaign supporters.

The fact is that (and I’m not priming you. it’s a fact) Bernie Sanders cannot be bought. Period. Full stop. He won’t take corporate money, he won’t water down or mess with his convictions or his message, like Clinton and literally every other candidate on both sides of the aisle. Bernie Sanders is like the legendary Honey Badger. He just don’t give a shit. 

By most measurements, Hillary Clinton totally did not even come close to “winning” the Democratic debate, but you’d have to scrape off the ugly, crusty monied veneer to get to the bottom of that.

I, for one, am sick of it. I’m actually way past sick of it. I’m pissed off. And sick of it. Can you imagine how Bernie feels? How the hell does he even stay on message when he clearly can see what the media does to his candidacy? Lucky for him, and unlucky for her, Bernie’s supporters are driven by convictions and by a desire for a truly better America, one that we’d given up even hoping for, AND we will not be bought or fooled. The problem is that (and make no mistake about it: it’s a problem) many people who hear repeated statements like “Clinton, the presumptive nominee,” or that she’s (somehow) the “inevitable nominee,” are being insanely primed to believe that the whole thing is sewn up and decided already, which couldn’t be further from the truth. To that, I say, “no fucking way.” We did NOT come this far to allow people to be brainwashed and conned by those who (legitimately) fear the wrath of our fellow Americans.

When you hear, see, or experience such priming, I’m asking you, no, I’m begging you, to make your opposition to it loud and clear. Call it out for what it is: a chicken shit manipulation of reality, bought and paid for by corporate money.

Bernie is the truest, most genuine candidate we’ve had in years (and potentially for the near future). He is someone who actually stands for the very best of what it means to be American. I’m 51 years old and I’m not sure I’ve ever actually seen, in real time and in action, what it ever meant to be the fabled “greatest” nation on Earth. To be honest, I’m often ashamed of many things my country does, both here and abroad, as opposed to what we say we stand for (and I wanted to write, “beloved country,” but I just couldn’t put those two words together).

There is truly a political revolution underway here in the United States. None of us should be surprised that the powers that be, the ones who Bernie has called out for their hypocrisy and downright cruelty, will do maybe anything to squash it. We collectively stand at a fork in the road where real change is really possible. We also stand at the precipice of collapse on many levels – financially, socially, and environmentally. The only thing, no exaggeration, standing between further decay of whatever is left of the good parts of America, is this beloved candidate. And I have no problem using the “B” word here.



  1. Well said. The Democratic debate prompted me to create my first meam. A picture of the President in The Hunger Games stating,
    “So, we’re all in agreement about who won the debate.”
    Both statement and command.
    The hands of the corperate puppet masters never been more visable.
    Go Bernie!


  2. This righteous anger is misplaced. I do not appreciate the way Bernie supporters slam Clinton and O’Malley but then get in their feelings about Sanders. Look Sanders is a hard pill for many to swallow. Okay he does well in New Hampshire. He should…he’s from Vermont next door. But the focus should be on who can win in Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, etc. The end game is what matters most….not the prelims. Get it together Berniacs and focus your fire on the Republicans, not two good Democrats. Also if Sanders is so genuine…he should run as a Socialist. Why run from his past now of all times?


  3. No matter how much the media ignores Bernie (and believe me this pisses me off), the people are still responding to his campaign. I just came back from door-knocking in northern NH for his campaign. The majority of people I spoke with say they Feel the Bern and will vote for him in our primary!


  4. Liked your statement that Bernie doesn’t ‘give a shit’ and I took this to mean the Sanders will not be discouraged by this rhetoric that Hillary already has the primary election “in the bag”. He’s not going to be influenced by the fact that he may not win the election. He’s going to keep a positive attitude and do his “dead level best” to win and not worry that he may not win. In any competition, the participant who takes this kind of attitude does not even consider ‘not winning’. If one does he very best to win, that person is not ‘crushed’ if he loses. He knows that he can proceed with his head held high because, as they say, he has left very thing he had to give on the court. He gave it his all. Those types of participants, no matter what the competition, can very often deliver a stunning upset. And, this is what Sanders with a female vice-president running mate, is going to do. Bernie will be the next President of these United States of America in 2016. GoBernieGo

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  5. The comforting thought is that Bernie Sanders​ will win if he actually sparks the political revolution that is his main goal. He is serious about that being his purpose. If he does not do that, then Hillary Clinton 2016​ wins and we have pretty much more of the same. His campaign really is not about him, even though he admits to a healthy ego. If millions of new people (especially Millennials) get involved in the process and turn out to vote, he will win. How he manages to govern after that is another matter! Thank you, You do a good job of critiquing the biased news coverage of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders​.

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  6. I like Sanders and his ideas a lot. In fact, I sent him some cash. But, IMO, he’s not an insider and to make it in our system, you need a base. He has no base. In light of Congress’ ignoring the will of the people on many issues these last few years (gun control after Sandy Hook, no money for infrastructure, defunding the VA, etc..all contrary to the will of the average American), it would be wishful thinking to believe that Sanders could govern based on popular support. Wish it wasn’t true, but there you go.

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    • Your comment boggles my mind. In polls against the Republicans, Bernie does better than Hillary, and both beat any Republican. How is this not popular support? Why then does Bernie have Facebook groups like Tea Party for Sanders and Independents for Sanders? Bernie also has a history of making deals across the aisle–why do you say he could not govern? Both Bernie and Hillary would need many many liberals to win down ballot to make a difference (which Bernie is saying), so what makes Bernie unable to govern? Enlighten me, please.

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    • [in reply to John Reagan] I think you are a troll and it’s pretty slick how you are “priming” exactly how this article describes. It you think we are dumb enough to believe you threw money at a candidate you do not believe has a chance, as you have stated, then it is YOU who are stupid, not us. Nice try though.


  7. Great article. Great analysis. We have to work around the existing system’s infrastructure. Donate. Volunteer, Spread the word. DON’T CAPITULATE!

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  8. I think you have this backwards. Elections don’t really matter. The narrative is forced down the gullet of people who will buy into this; enough that the “first-past-the-post” voting system of America keeps them in power.

    People who are aware of this happening, like yourself, don’t compose a big enough segment of the population to make a difference in such a locked in system.

    You’re right, the narrative is shaped. But I think even if Sander’s got the nomination, it was because he’s part of the game. If he somehow gets elected and is real/true to his words, he’ll be JFKed.

    Obama launches predator drones and is calling for the same style of war against Syria as did the president before him did with Iran.

    Elections are too important to be left up to the people. If voting made a difference, it’d be illegal.

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  9. But if the American public thinks Clinton is the “presumptive nominee” and she has it in the bag, might many voters stay home on primary day, while we Berners turn out in droves? Maybe the media is doing us a favor in a way! Great piece. Thanks so much.

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  10. Great synopsis! The media wants drama because it’s sexy and sells. After polls showed Bernie won the last debate but the media pundits gave it to Hillary I realized that Sanders will have to work harder for every vote and it will not be handed to him by some wealthy donor on a silver platter.

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  11. Amazing article. You could definitely make a legitimate series of work out of what you did to that hill article. I would love it if you did so. That’s something that our media-driven minds need to see more of.

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  12. All true. I’d long ago noticed the bias in NPR “news”, even before this race, and ceased paying attention to their op eds masquerading as news.

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  13. What an amazing and inciteful piece! Thank you so much for this. I agree 100%. Bernie will be the greatest president of our time. Our job is to get him elected. This IS the time to speak up. We must be bold and loud and counter all of the media tricks that will be thrown at him
    We must speak the TRUTH!

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