Bernie Sanders is totally getting the shaft

That awkward moment when the monsters hiding in your closet at night are real…

I keep hearing and reading (in the mainstream media) about how Hillary Clinton “won” the Democratic Debate this week. What inevitably follows are phone calls, tweets and listener comments flatly rebuking that statement. It’s like “wash – rinse – repeat,” with Bernie Sanders supporters stepping up to defend his performance. This morning I was listening to On Point on NPR and, again, there was this “summation” by Tom Ashbrook’s panelists that Hillary Clinton “won.” Tom Ashbrook didn’t seem to agree, but he was diplomatic and deferential to his panelists. Again, a caller phoned in and was put on the air stating that it was Sanders who had “won” the debate and the caller sort of scolded the mainstream media for going along with the inaccurate ruse that Clinton had “knocked it out of the ballpark.”


At some point in this segment, someone (it may have been the caller, I’m not sure) said something about CNN being owned by Time Warner, who is one of Clinton’s biggest financial backers. I “Googled” it, and one of the first “hits” was this Reddit comment:
Okay, maybe everybody but me knew this already, and maybe everybody but me already dismissed CNN’s ridiculously one-sided assessment of the debate as predictable and anticipated, but it was news to me. And it made me think of the snarky/shitty comment that Anderson Cooper made to Bernie about how he had “honeymooned in the Soviet Union.” At the time, I thought that sneaking that bit of red-baiting into a debate question was totally unnecessary, misleading, and inaccurate but Bernie didn’t even address it (Bernie went to the former Soviet Union with his new wife and ten other people on a pre-arranged visit to Yaroslavl, Russia because they had become a Sister City with Burlington, VT – hardly a “pinko-commie” love fest as Cooper implied), but within the context of other CNN follow up work, selective “edits” and attempts to rewrite history, I’ve lost respect for Cooper.

The articles and assessments put out by CNN since the debate are laughable. This one giddily states that, “The return of the favorite (She’s back)” which isn’t even in the same zip code of how anyone I know feels. Then there’s this CNN article which sounds like it was written by a Communist Party hack during Soviet times (how’s that for linkage?) titled, “Hillary Clinton’s Big Night on the Debate Stage.” It’s ridiculously one-sided and overly congratulatory unless they were watching a totally different debate than I was on Tuesday night.

As I’ve posted before, the mainstream media can and will just keep repeating and regurgitating the same thing until we believe it must be true if everyone is saying it. The pushback by Bernie’s supporters is key here since that may be the only sliver of truth breaking through the firewall of fake stories.


In an almost entirely fabricated reality which is coming at us from every direction, we are led to believe that the only reasonable choice is Hillary Clinton, an entirely bought and paid for corporate shill like all the rest of our elected representatives. Without HER as President, the narrative goes, we’ll all be living in Communist China (under President Sanders) or behind a wall keeping the undesirables out (under President Trump). Thanks to the internet and a growing “hive mentality,” sharing readily available information,  deeper truths are only a few clicks away.


  1. This is so beyond bad. I went to put reply on CNN and it would not let me post. I put a message on Anderson Cooper messenger account about not being able to post objection. I have heard nothing back from Anderson Cooper messenger account. So sorry. I really felt Anderson Cooper would never be less than professional. How CNN must have cost him his reputation.


    • Judy – you’re awesome! That’s fantastic that you’re going the extra mile to make sure that CNN and Cooper know that we know what’s going on. I seriously wonder if CNN or Anderson Cooper will comment on this issue. If you see something (and I miss it), please let me know. I’m betting that if Anderson Cooper sees his professional reputation on the line, he’ll say SOMETHING…just not sure what. Thank you so much!


  2. Agree with all you say and the frustration you feel. I hear mainstream media thinks Hillary ‘won’ the debate, but online media (including TYT) and social media think Bernie won.

    Still, there is a strang cross-over. The ‘damn emails’ remark. Apparently MSM has played it quite a bit. While MSM says Hillary ‘won’ they can’t resist playing and replaying Bernie’s ‘damn emails’ remark. A veteran MSM pundit should know that marks the beginning of the end… for Hillary.

    Today I turned on the radio for 2 minutes (NPR). In that brief time, I heard the sound-bite of Bernie saying ‘Americans were tired of hearing about… [Hillary’s] damn emails.’ A friend of mine, who watches mainstream, had told me it was all over the networks. Then I heard it myself today, THREE days after the debate.

    Because of that sound-bite, Bernie is practically a folk-hero. It is the main thing people remember from the debate, especially people who did not watch it!

    I can only hope they are thinking: Bernie is a class-act! Now there’s a leader who can reach across the aisle! Bernie defended Hillary, because he is strong. Bernie says what he thinks. Bernie speaks for us, The People.

    I could go on and on…! How do you think it can be interpreted?

    In any case, Bernie comes out smelling like a rose. He was the bright light, the hero of the debate. The memorable one. The likable one.

    I’ll bet more women now think he is sexier than… Donald Trump. 🙂


    • Excellent observations, JoAnn! Yes, the “damn emails” comment resounded with many, and you can imagine that those who want to bury the controversy of the email server might use Bernie’s widespread, grassroots popularity to convince everyone that the email issue is DOA. It’s perverse, isn’t it? Using his beloved stature to help Hillary? But I can totally see it. I agree that Bernie is the one out of the entire field, from both sides of the “fence” who should be president. I have such respect for his ability to stay “on issue” despite all these spitballs being shot at him from all directions! He’s lucky to have YOU in his corner!


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