“Too Big to Fail…” I’d like you to meet “Too Stupid to Govern”

I’m not saying that Alaskan Governor Bill Walker is stupid because he thinks like this, or because he even said it out loud. And it’s not even that he’s not smart enough to know how ridiculous this is after talking to his own staff. It’s that he isn’t even bright enough to “spin it” another, less stupid way like other politicians, or, for that matter, like most kids after sneaking their dinner under the table to the family dog. 

Here’s an article about Walker and his budgetary brilliance woes from The Hill, with a link (just in case you think I’m making this up):

Alaska gov.- More drilling needed to fund climate change programs | TheHillI think that if I personally knew Governor Walker and I cared about him in any way, I’d have at least suggested he try out this line of thinking with his fellow Alaskan, Climate Killer Queen Lisa Murkowski.

So let’s look at a few relevant facts:

  1. Alaska receives most of its operating revenue from oil and gas production because it has no sales or income tax (opportunity-alert, Governor!);
  2. Alaska is one of the front lines of actual climate change impact, with villages actually disappearing due to rising sea levels, meaning inhabitants need to be relocated en masse ASAP;

  3. Thanks to American overproduction of domestic natural gas (via fracking) and oil, OPEC decided last November to bitch smack us and teach us a lesson, flooding the market with product, causing global oil and gas prices to plummet;

  4. Because of those low oil prices, Shell Oil, which was given the green light to drill in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea (nearby some of these disappearing villages – ironic), have ended their drilling operations in Alaska which are now too costly given the abysmal price of oil. So, Shell Oil is out of Alaska…a state they helped melt and a state that they helped significantly pollute, and now Walker is having himself a little hissy fit because no one’s around to pay for all that devastation and melting;

  5. The BEST that the Governor can think of and actually say OUT LOUD is that since his state is melting and needs money to pay for all the climate change damage, more drilling and oil exploration, (now he’s pushing for drilling in the protected ANWR region) are urgently needed.

You can’t make this stuff up.

I’d like to commend journalists by pointing out that in most of the news reports of Walker’s lunatic idea (to increase drilling to pay for the damage the drilling has helped create), most of the reporters didn’t crack. Here is a BBC article, and one in RT (although the “…” in the title leans towards comedic), and one in Time Magazine.

Slate’s Eric Holthaus, however, couldn’t quite hold it together saying (probably as blasé as he could muster):

“Bill Walker just made perhaps the most remarkable statement I’ve ever encountered.”

It’s on all of us now, people, because Governor Walker actually spoke to the BBC, not even making them work for it and have to maybe pick up the story from another news outlet. He’s further cemented the world’s perception that Americans are morons.

What makes Walker utterly unfit even to lead a Boy Scout Troop through a candy store is the fact that, at the very least, he was unable to spin this into Obama’s fault or something. AND he’s admitting that climate change is real and ruining stuff right now. Whoa.

The next time he has a great idea he should look through some of Murkowski’s past statements, like, for example, what she said after Shell Oil pulled out of drilling in Alaska:
murkowski Now THAT’S the kind of perversion of logic and reality that I expect from our elected officials.