Climate change denier Marc Morano pretends to talk to cardboard Pope

Meanwhile, over at Loser-ville (aka Climate Depot), Marc Morano is pulling out all the stops, devoting his entire front page to any number of ways to deal with the visit of Pope Francis including pretending to talk to “him” when it’s really just a cardboard cutout of the Pope. Can anyone say “desperate” in Latin? Yep. It’s desparatus, and that should be Morano’s name from now on.

morano pope meme
And in what can only be called a “sign” that it’s getting pretty hot (just like in Hell) over there, Desparatus Morano seems to be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Papal visit. Or maybe his ridiculous website is actually run by The Seven Dwarfs of Denial…

Dwarf #1: Dismissive ~


Dwarf #2: Fibby ~


Dwarf #3: The Agitator ~
pope climate lobbyist

Dwarf #4: Bossy ~

pope -preachy

Dwarf #5:  Philosopher ~
pope philosopher

Dwarf #6: Commie ~

pope cuba

Dwarf #7: Whiny ~
pope coal

Not as cute as you remembered them to be, huh?