I bet “denial” isn’t the only thing shrinking at Climate Depot

Is it me, or do the audacious and entirely fraudulent headlines at Marc Morano’s Climate Depot just keep, well, shrinking?

Here is Climate Depot’s front page from May 2015 looking like it usually does…with the constant mocking of climate science, implying that there is NO global warming. He’s singing it loud and clear, doubling down on the stupid…
Climate Depot May 2015_Page_1
Climate Depot May 2015_Page_2

Lately, however, his “denial” and false information seems to be shrinking, like it’s trying to slither away from the glare of those who are going to nail this guy for his deliberate efforts  at deceiving the public about the dangers of climate change…Climate Depot | A project of CFACT

Here’s the thing: very soon, in a courtroom in America, we’re going to get a foothold of exactly what’s needed to bring this Ponzi scheme of lies down. And they know it. It’s coming down the pike and they can scale back the false information and obfuscation all they want. They can knock themselves out cold for all I care. Won’t matter because we, the legions of citizens who are pissed off that they’ve been allowed to do such horrific damage by deceiving so many people, have been gathering plenty of evidence. And names. And addresses. The web of funding and deceit has been documented, make no mistake about it. The deep pockets who keep this charade going will throw the small fries under the first available “bus,” but they’ll go down as well. They just have better lawyers.

And, when the time comes, there will be no stuffing that Genie back in anyone’s bottle. Or oil barrel.