Unions and loyalty? Fugget about it!

I’m very familiar with old adages like politics makes strange bedfellows, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and politics have no relation to morals, but I have to admit that the foot dragging by American labor unions about whether or not to endorse Bernie Sanders for President really pisses me off.

Not only has Bernie been a lifelong defender of unions, speaking out loud and clear about his position, early and often, and standing up for the American worker more than anyone I can think of in my lifetime, but his loyalty is being juxtaposed to Hillary Clinton’s. What the hell? Hillary Clinton, who definitely supports the Trans Pacific Partnership much like her husband, Bill, supported NAFTA. I would literally bet my life that the American middle class will further wither and die if Clinton is elected president.

Hillary Clinton stands for, and beside, large multinational corporations, banks, and the fossil fuel industry. When you see her speak about TPP, you can see that she’s lying. I’ve watched her speeches with the sound turned off, and without hearing a word, I can isolate the parts where she’s not being truthful and forthcoming. It’s child’s play, actually.

While I’m old enough and educated enough to know that politics is dirty business and alliances can be confusing if you don’t know the backstory, the dichotomy here is stark. And with TPP recently in our collective rearview mirror, the fact that labor unions have somehow already forgotten that Clinton JUST sold them down the river in her utter lack of opposition to FastTrack Authority and TPP is mind blowing. When it really could have counted, she said nothing. When challenged for comment throughout crucial moments before Fast Track got the greenlight, she either said nothing or pathetically waffled about her position.

In my opinion, it is an enormous slap in the face to Bernie Sanders that unions have not robustly supported his candidacy. I could see them maybe dragging their feet, waiting to pick the winning horse if it were a race between Clinton and Biden, who are essentially the same, but when they have a tried and true defender of labor unions like Bernie Sanders in the mix, there is absolutely no excuse for this game. If they truly care about their members, their only choice, the best chance they’ll ever have, is standing right in front of them in Bernie Sanders.

I’m clearly not cut out for politics because if I were Bernie, I’d be feeling more than a little hurt right now. Luckily for the AFL-CIO, the Teamsters, the Service Employees International Union, and the rest, Bernie would never take it personally and he’ll stand up for the American worker regardless of their myopic, ungrateful, and disloyal union leaders.


    • I totally agree, Mary. Shameful. Here he is, essentially starting the biggest political revolution in our country in many, many years and he just can’t get any respect from Democrats and the mainstream (and secondary) media.


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