President Obama and Alaska

Why is our President actually in Alaska? A lot of people are confused by all the mixed messages here. I suspect that the real reason has nothing to do with climate change. Not even close. The topic of climate change does serve a purpose, though. It provides cover for President Obama to spend significant time in an extremely important geopolitical region. Two words, which are definitely NOT climate change, but which explain why he’s in Alaska are Arctic Council.

First, an overview.

The Arctic is melting at twice the global average. This is creating a positive feedback loop, and in scientific terms, THIS type of “positive” feedback is actually a really bad thing. Polar ice has a very high albedo effect, meaning that its surface reflects most (80%) of the sunlight that hits it, directing the heat back into space, which provides an important cooling mechanism for the planet. As more and more of the polar ice melts and only dark waters are left behind, more heat is absorbed and trapped, which accelerates the melting of the remaining ice. Because of this, scientists are ringing alarm bells that tipping points are being reached in the Arctic which we cannot reverse or correct. To make matters worse, as the ice melts, and the waters warm (and Arctic ice is lost for good), permafrost, which has been safely frozen for many thousands of years, gets released as it is melted by global warming and it then emits methane, a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide. To a normal person, all of this sounds horrible. It sounds dangerous, scary, and it SHOULD trigger massive efforts on a global scale which are what is needed to save humanity.

Instead, entirely different outcomes present themselves. And make no mistake about it, the way that world leaders, multinational corporations, and supposedly “green groups” who are in bed with the first two cast of characters, see the situation in the Arctic turns basic common sense upside down. Indeed, those in the Arctic Council, those who want want to BE in the Arctic Council, and those who observe the Arctic Council as stakeholders see the Arctic region, now made more accessible than ever as shipping routes thaw, as the newest and biggest shopping mall and military battlefield in the world. And since the United States took up the chairmanship of the Arctic Council (a two-year position), just this summer on the heels of new, aggressive Russian military maneuvers in the same area, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are chomping at the bit to assert American dominance. It’s actually just an old-fashioned pissing contest, to be blunt.

The really interesting thing, for me at least, which illustrates just how stupid world leaders believe their own citizens are, is that President Obama carries on the ruse that he’s concerned about climate change, perpetuating no one’s idea of a myth, while visiting a region that he has just greenlighted for the most dangerous and unnecessary oil exploration imaginable (by Shell Oil). This interests me mainly because I really can’t figure it out.

In the age of the Internet, where most things are discoverable and where events, often occurring years apart, can be linked together effortlessly with a few mouse clicks, do politicians really and truly believe the public can’t connect any of the dots? And while people can damn and curse Google all they want, the truth is that modern search engines enable humans to see really big “pictures,” which would have been impossibly obtuse only 10 years ago. This leads me to think that politicians in the 21st century, at this moment in time, are entirely out of touch with modern reality. By the way, for this, and many other reasons, I appreciate and support Bernie Sanders for president because there are no lines to “read between” with him. Machiavelli would find Bernie boring, and Sun Tzu would probably be intrigued. I’m just grateful. But I digress…

I suppose that if the mainstream media does zero reporting on the real reasons the President of the United States is spending three days in Alaska, touting a climate change agenda which absolutely does not exist (in practice), then most Americans will simply shrug off the inconsistencies and attribute them to “politics as usual.” I sincerely hope they don’t do that because the smokescreens, blatant lies, and silly doublespeak need to end NOW, before the methane, literally, hits the fan.

Earth meme

Some of you may know that I broke my wrist last week playing hockey and had to have surgery. Typing is very slow (with one hand) and the dictation software I’m using isn’t much faster, so I’m just going to provide links to relevant articles about the Arctic Council and its significance below (rather than incorporate them into this post which is very painful and time consuming).

Links to more information:

If you only click on one of the links here, choose this one by The Guardian which best illustrates an outsider’s view of Shell Oil’s drilling in the Arctic;

This gang of thieves, called the World Ocean Council has inserted itself into the Arctic Council, and advocates for “corporate responsibility of the ocean,” an oxymoron no one thinks is a good idea (except them);

Like usual suspects jockeying for position, along with the US, Russia (look at the map in this article to understand everything) and China always have the predictable effect on US leaders: oversized knee-jerk reaction;

The video in this CNN link, particularly after the one minute mark, is exceptionally good, which is why I am putting it here;

And just because Canada is our ally, doesn’t mean they’re not jonesin’ for Canadian supremacy in the Arctic.


  1. Whatever happened to Obama? I don’t think Bernie is corruptable. The controllers may not let him live his term out! Or he willed be stonewalled at every step. I will still vote for him.


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