The good, the bad and the (f)ugly

First, the good news. Google is now making it possible for people to decide what the potential is for their homes to have solar panels!  The new program, dubbed Project Sunroof, will help homeowners see what types of savings might be perched atop their roofs, which is pretty darn neat! The program is new, so they are just beginning to roll out different regions for participation. If your area is not yet in their database, be sure to check back in a few months.

The bad news is that there may have been a “record calving” of part of the Greenland ice sheet, known as Jakobshavn Isbrae. The glacier appears to have lost the largest chunk of ice ever recorded and despite what retards like Marc Morano of Climate Depot blabber on about, this is serious trouble. Since 2012, Greenland’s ice sheet has been pouring out ice at the rate of 150 feet per day, which is 3x faster than the flow, or rate of loss, in the 1990’s.

And the (f)ugly news is that, somehow, the Koch brothers managed to dump a bunch of oil (around 27,000 gallons) into Marcelinas Creek in Texas and (get ready for this) they haven’t had to pay for it or deal with the mess for 17 YEARS. Yep. Nice, right?

I was perusing the Department of Justice site, which is often a place where some really bizarre environmental crimes go down (I even found one once involving a family of polygamists who were making up renewable ID numbersDon’t even get me started on that one). It’s sort of like “Legal Peyton Place.”

Anyway, I found a recent Consent Degree and Complaint for a violation by the Koch brothers

Kochfaceblackfor a dispersal of oil pollution that happened in 1998.  Apparently, no one got around to writing it up and fining the Kochtopus a paltry $770,000, which is less than the spare change under David Koch’s couch cushions, for 17 years.  The oil spill started in a creek, which then flowed into the San Antonio River, which then fed into the Guadalupe River, and finally dumper out into the Gulf of Mexico, which should be renamed “America’s Toilet.”

I’d bet $20 bucks if you dropped a few Burger King wrappers in Times Square, you’d be cited for littering in under a minute.

As I’ve written before, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”