Still no love for Bernie from NPR

I remain both amazed and disgusted at the blatantly obvious blackout of coverage about Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign.  Oddly enough, NPR seems to be one of the worst offenders. Some of you will say that it’s because the Koch brothers donate a lot of money to NPR. I don’t know. It makes as much sense as anything else, I suppose. It stings even more when it happens, again and again, from a media source that I used to trust.

Bernie - RodneyJust this morning on NPR’s Morning Edition, I’m listening to a story about presidential candidates appearing at the Iowa Fair. The audio clip (below) shows how the correspondent, Don Gonyea, is clearly bringing up Bernie’s campaign with NPR host, David Greene, but he’s having none of it. Bernie had a huge turnout at the fair and was the only candidate to really engage with the public, as Gonyea even says. Listen to this clip at around the 2 minute mark.

I tweeted at, and wrote to, NPR about this totally lame coverage. I’m sick of it, personally.I hope some of you will do the same.


  1. I am –at least WAS–a long time NPR enthusiast, who, like yourself, am totally amazed by NPR’s blackout/suppression of Bernie Sanders. It’s appalling and so overt! If I worked at NPR I’d be ashamed. I’m about to tune off from NPR. The other day Laura Kanoy was summarizing 2016 candidate news for the week in NH. She and her pundits started with the republican candidates and when touching upon the democrats barely mentioned Bernie. The recent poll results showing Bernie ahead in NH by 7 percentage points was only alluded to by Laura (she didn’t mention the exact numbers) and the guy following her totally dismissed the significance of the poll. Following Laura Knoy was The Diane Rehm Show. I don’t recall the details but Bernie was barely covered. DR said Bernie had said “white lives matter” in response to BLM protestors… not true. That was O’Malley. What Bernie had really said was, “Of course black lives matter” And so on and so on.


  2. Schatzie , I am with you …the non coverage of Bernie Sanders …the one and only SANE candidate really speaks Volumes ! They are afraid of the Truth ! [ Great Pic. of Bernie at the Fair ! ❤ ]


  3. Senator Bernie Sanders is the THE BEST candidate running for president. It’s It’s a shame that he is not getting the same media coverage. While the media focuses on all of the candidates controversy, scandal and stunts, this man is talking about real issues that plague our country. He is real and genuine and has THE best track record of any of them . He is drawing huge crowds and is giving real hope for a better America. He is the man we NEED in office. Bernie for president! He has my undivided attention, even if the mainstream media ignores him and he has my vote.


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