Hillary Clinton, Qatar, fracking, TPP. exporting oil & the kitchen sink

I could write a book about the stuff I’ve stumbled upon just this morning. I’ll save everyone a lot of time (including myself) by just saying that, without a doubt, Hillary Clinton is in cahoots with the fossil fuel industry, she supports and wants the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to pass, she LOVES fracking, and she wants the US to export oil, gas, babies, unicorns….basically, anything for a buck.

Ok, except for the babies and the unicorns, I’m not even kidding. Just pick every bad thing you DON’T want in your next president, and she’s checked off all the boxes. If you’re wondering how that would be at all different or worse than literally any GOP candidate, my answer is: how should I know! I already assume THEY suck (my bad. lazy thinking, sorry). The difference with Hillary Clinton is, like Barack Obama, she’s trying to fool all of us registered Democrats into thinking she is one of us. She is not. Not even in the “country code” of being any version of liberal and she’s not in the same solar system as progressives. I don’t even know what she is. She may be a cyborg. I’m not ruling anything out.

And if anyone has ever found themselves down a bizarre rabbit hole while doing Google searches, which can lead to a galaxy far, far away, you’ll understand what I’m saying. I was researching proxy wars/oil syndicates and the yuan, minding my own business, when BOOM. It’s like running through a maze and coming upon the back of your own head. Or something. No. I’m not drunk. It’s only 11:30am, people.

When you come upon articles like this  or this, which I’m not going to encapsulate except to say that they entwine the Clintons, Obama, TPP, Qatar, natural gas, Podesta (who links much of it together, and he’s supposed to be some kind of climate change warrior), and everything but the kitchen sink, you see how the American people can be baffled by their own elected officials. They act entirely outside our own best interests because they do not represent our best interests. They aren’t even pretending to do so. I truly believe they just expect us all to forget what they’ve been up to by the next election cycle.

By the way, Podesta and fossil fuel lobbyists, along with the Obama Administration, the Clintons, et al have been very effective, for example, in Golden Pass Products LLC and other LNG exporting permissions which will only worsen climate change:

Golden PassAnd all of this jumbled mess that I’ve posted in the past year or so, which often implicates Hillary Clinton in activity that many of us would deem decidedly Republican, while confusing and often brain-numbing, explains a LOT about her horrible speechmaking. I find myself transfixed, just watching her speak on controversial, aka dodgy, issues and intuitively feeling like she’s either bullshitting (badly) or that she has early dementia. It’s as if she’s never been in front of an audience, which is clearly not the case. But how could it be otherwise when you have scrambled the eggs in your head about who you are, deep down. It might be how a schizophrenic person feels, with conflicting voices in your head, all telling you what to say and do.

You cannot be concerned about climate change AND be a fossil fuel shill
You cannot be concerned about democracy AND support TPP
You cannot be concerned about human rights AND align with Qatar

The thing is, if Bernie Sanders isn’t the Democratic presidential candidate and it ends up being Hillary Clinton, and if there weren’t going to be Supreme Court appointments up for grabs with the next president, I’d just choose not to vote and let everyone else decide. In other words, if America doesn’t get to have Bernie for president, I’d almost rather have a Republican, who at the very least I trust to always be motivated by money, oil and destruction of the environment, as opposed to someone who is so sneaky and layered, that you never really know what they stand for and who they represent.

In fact, the only person that I can say with 100% certainty that Hillary Clinton does NOT represent is me.