Why Hillary Clinton doesn’t have to say a thing about Keystone XL

Let’s just tell it like it is for once. Hillary Clinton supports Keystone XL because she is funded by the fossil fuel industry. If she becomes president in 2016, she will surely push for LNG exports (And the oil and gas industry knows it. Go halfway down this page to “Former elected officials), if it isn’t already done by Barack Obama.

She doesn’t have to say a word about Keystone XL because it will be decided for her and then probably overturned if TPP passes (since that’s how TPP works). And the reason that people, including Bernie Sanders, are trying to make her state a position now is because VERY soon, it won’t matter.  In fact, if she becomes absolutely certain that it will be rejected by the Obama Administration and with the blessing of the oil and gas industry (some accommodation would have to be made), she will say what liberals want her to say so she can get elected: that she opposes Keystone XL. And that would be a safe “win” for her, either way.

I’m not sure the Obama Administration wants to help her 100% towards “perceived smooth sailing” for the Democratic nomination. I’ve read enough Wikileaks cables mentioning how much the current Administration did not like her and didn’t want to deal with her when she was Secretary of State. Lots of words like, “nuisance,” “annoyance,” and complaints that they had to do “something with her” (make her a part, somehow, of the Obama Administration).

That’s how the game is played. Now is the time for us to decide that WE are the ones who aren’t going to be played. Again.

Keystone builder quietly making plans for Obama rejection | TheHill