N. Korea pumping out chemicals to create climate chaos

Top secret reports have recently been made public that North Korean factories have been deliberately pumping out chemicals intended to harm worldwide agricultural yields (particularly Western) and create climate chaos.


Before you scroll ANY FURTHER down, take a moment and think about this. This is really important. I’m going to put a page “break” of sorts. Just spend a few seconds and think about what this means for climate change and the environmental movement. Please.




Okay, I’m not going to leave you dangling any longer…



This is not true.

But what did you think (or more importantly, feel) when you thought it might be true? Did it seem like SUDDENLY there was a way to fix the problem? Did you think, “whew, now we know what to do!” or did you envision the US military leaping into action to fix this damn climate crisis? Maybe all of those things, and more. Maybe you also thought about what complete and utter assholes those North Koreans are to do something that is going to affect all of us. Because those North Korean leaders are some crazy people in that way, right?

The one thing that probably hit the hardest was: NOW we can fix it. We know what to do. When, of course, we’ve always known what to do. The solution is simple. Five words long: STOP RELYING ON FOSSIL FUELS. Please read this post from George Marshall. His incredible book, which I highly recommend, is called, Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change. If you have limited time to actually sit down and read a book, like I do, it’s also available instantly for download as an audiobook.

Marshall’s point is beyond valid. This is a hard topic to wrap your mind around. It’s SO much easier just to “look away” and think that there is nothing that YOU can do about it. But you’d be very wrong to think that.

What can you do TODAY to fight climate change? First of all, share this article and get people in your social circles thinking about the issue. Secondly, start a dialogue about climate change, or global warming, either in person, or on line. It can be as simple as a post (or a comment made to someone you encounter) saying, “do you ever worry about climate change?” If you’ve never done this, I promise with nearly 100% certainty that you are going to feel ridiculous. Climate change is an unspoken fear for many people. In many cases, it is a conversation “stopper.” It shouldn’t be. So, take baby steps about it.

Many, many people around the world really do worry and feel genuine debilitating terror at the thought of climate change. It’s okay to be scared. If you’re not scared, then you don’t understand what’s at stake and how serious it is. And once people grasp the implications of what is going on around them, there is a period of mourning and grieving which must occur, if only to get to the “other side” of this problem, which is fighting back.

And that’s when real progress can begin.