Hillary Clinton stands for LESS than nothing

I truly don’t know what’s going on here….what back room agreement or deal has been made. And with Sheldon Whitehouse buying into it…just whoa. This was in The Hill:

Dems give Clinton pass on Keystone | TheHill_Page_1 Dems give Clinton pass on Keystone | TheHill_Page_2And here is the direct link.

I can safely say that on the vast majority of issues that matter, at least, to me and I know to many of you, Hillary Clinton is playing it like any other politician. Except dodgier. This is NOT acceptable not nearly good enough. Her saying that she won’t comment UNTIL she’s president. But guess what? Then it’s TOO DAMN LATE.


  1. Hillary Clinton is the biggest piece of toxic waste this planet has to offer. I honestly can’t stand hearing her name or seeing her face on the news..it literally makes me ill knowing that she has any chance of becoming president of the US..and I am not even American. This is a woman who gloats about the fact that she and her husband made 100+ million dollars over 7 years. She side tracks almost every question posed to her.
    Honestly, if she is the best woman candidate that is available to run then god help America.


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