I do not care about Israel

There are a few things I’m fairly sure of. Yes, of course. Death and taxes (except for the rich). Another thing I’ve become increasingly certain of is that every time I post something about Bernie Sanders, I get some sort of comment or snarky remark about Bernie Sanders and his position/support/love of/visit to (and any other such nonsense related to) Israel. Seriously?

I’m not even sure where to file this in my brain. No matter how many times I provide links to people about Bernie Sander’s voting record or his rating by pro-Palestinian organizations stating that he is NOT pro-Israel, people just want to keep popping off about it. I doubt they even look at his voting record or his stated policies regarding the Middle East. They JUST WANT TO COMPLAIN. So let me be clear: I don’t care about Israel. Not even a little bit. It’s not even in the “country code” on a map of my priorities. Let me put it another way: If I was in a submarine and it had awesome sonar abilities and Bernie Sanders and his feelings about Israel were a “thing,” and could be “pinged,” their importance to me would place them on the moon. Okay, that makes no sense at all, but you get my point.

Guess what else I don’t care about? I made a nifty graphic:

I DO NOT CARE about Israel

Now, before you think my computer has been hacked (again) or I’m being held hostage and being forced to type such mean, vicious words, let me explain (“Whaddya mean you don’t care about elder abuse and Kim Kardashian’s butt?”).

I’ll start with Israel and how it relates to Bernie Sanders and how THAT relates to climate change. Or maybe you can just read this guest post by Carolyn Baker at Nature Bats Last to understand where I’m coming from. Or, even better, this one by Dahr Jamail of Truthout.org (expect a gut punch). I could go on and on about how we are most certainly at somewhere near the beginning of the Sixth Mass Extinction and how this one is entirely caused by us, but the point is that up until Bernie Sanders announced he was running for President, a great deal of people felt no hope at all that anything could, or would, change. Up until the Senator from Vermont threw his dusty hat in the ring, a whole bunch of us felt that there was absolutely no one who heard anything we said, anyone who cared about how scared we were, or anyone else who saw what was waiting for us just around the bend.

Does Bernie stand for EVERY SINGLE THING that I believe in? No, he does not. I hate guns and gun violence and Bernie, true to form as someone who actually listens to his constituents (voters from Vermont) is not “anti-guns.” You know what? I don’t care. In the context of what we humans are facing as a species, I don’t even give the tiniest shit that he isn’t all about gun control. And that cool upside down diagram I made about (some really important) stuff? NONE of that matters in the slightest if we continue to heat up our planet. None of it. If the Earth becomes a cinder block because we’ve reached too many “tipping points” for it to self correct and clean up after us, and then we lose our precious Goldilocks atmosphere…it doesn’t matter if people beheaded other people, or if your child gets bullied on the playground, or what your neighbor sees when they look at a picture of some striped dress on the Internet. And those people worried about what the Supreme Court is up to next? Pffft. So WHAT?

The truth is that every single thing in that graphic would be a freaking LUXURY to be able to care about…to really dig down deep into and give a shit about. And, yes, I have written about a lot of that stuff before, but in the back of my mind, just right under the surface, I’m thinking, “we are SCREWED, people.” Like so many other folks, I keep trying to inch that big “carbon bolder” up the mountain, get it (somehow) to the top, shove it over the cliff, finally exhale and not be scared to death.

And in those moments when I “allow” myself to get worked up about something like Chris Christie torturing poor pregnant pigs so that he can somehow get his sorry ass elected President (#AsIf) I sort of, in some really weird way, feel relieved that I can just have that one “thing” to be concerned about, even if it’s only for a moment, because I’ve always got one eye on that other really ugly thing just off to the side, in my peripheral vision.

I imagine that the Senator from Vermont probably looked at the candidates for the next Presidential race. Folded his arms across his chest. Made this face:


and saw that not a single one of them was going to fight for what was right, what was truly important, and what people are most concerned about. I’d also guess that the last thing, the VERY LAST THING on his mind when deciding to run for President of the United States was, “Then I’ll REALLY do everything that Israel wants.” And if Bernie becomes President of the United States, I duly swear to watch every single episode of Orange is the New Black. Right after I take the best nap EVER.

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