The “unique mayhem” of guns in America

As I’m driving today, listening to various satellite radio stations, something became creepily obvious in both it’s presence and in it’s absence.

BBC radio’s story about President Obama’s eulogy today in Charleston, South Carolina mentioned that the President had commented on Americans being blind to the “unique mayhem” of gun violence (their website also highlights the comment). Hmm, I thought. Wow. That’s pretty blunt and even somewhat “catchy.” I then listened to “top of the hour” news headlines on about 6 different radio stations, including NPR. Not one of them originating from the US referred to this statement. In watching media coverage on the President’s eulogy, all of them, ABC, NBC and CNN don’t mention, refer to, or illustrate Obama’s gun comment.  The only TV news reference was on the PBS Newshour.

The Guardian only referenced the word, “mayhem” but did not show how it was used. The Tribune in Pakistan highlighted the “mayhem” comment, using it as their headline, as did Channel NewsAsia,  Zee News (India), the Daily Star (Lebanon), Sputnik International (Russia)Voice of America, and many other international news outlets.

USA Today didn’t refer to, or show Obama’s comments about guns, nor did Fox News, or any of the NPR news updates.

In case you haven’t seen or read how the President referred to guns in America, this is exactly what he said:

“For too long, we’ve been blind to the unique mayhem that gun violence inflicts upon this nation.”

Yes, we are blind to gun violence. Or maybe blindfolded.

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  1. Yet another example how the People of this Nation are manipulated by the Mainstream Media . Wake up Folks !


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