A nation of racist nitwits

Mainstream media coverage is all atwitter about the issue of whether or not to remove the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol. The fact that the thing was even THERE in the first place means that people need to resign, be fired, be banned from public office for life, etc.

Just look at this snippet of articles appearing just TODAY on The Hill. This first one, with the SC governor only now calling for the flag to be removed, states, “it’s time to move the flag.” MOVE the flag? It’s only NOW time to MOVE the flag? Wtf? She needs to be physically removed from office, I say. Immediately. No excuse, no referendum, nothing. Outta there.

At the VERY LEAST, it should have been (at the very least, and this is not enough): “it’s time to move the flag,” changed to, “it’s well past time to destroy the flag.” That Confederate BATTLE flag must send shivers down the spine of any black person who had to see it, every single day. The battle flag is even WORSE than the Confederate flag.

SC - 1

This horrible flag would be akin to hanging a huge swastika on state grounds in Israel or even Germany. Or a flag with an image of gang rapists in New Delhi. Or what a white flag hanging anywhere in the US with the single word, “smallpox” inscribed on it might signify to Native Americans. And so on. In other words, such symbols would essentially trivialize, terrorize, and attempt to diminish the suffering of a group of people. And towards what possible end? None, that I can imagine.

Here are more “newsworthy” headlines appearing on The Hill:

SC - 2

sc 3

sc 4

sc 5

And today, at 5:24pm, the Republican National Committee decided to jump on the band wagon before it leaves the station.

RNC joins call to remove Confederate flag | TheHill

How pathetic are these people? Do they assume that we are all completely brain dead? Now, only now, when they are caught with their Confederate pants down do they start demanding that stuff which should have been done decades ago (taking down this ridiculous flag celebrating white supremacy) be put into motion. I’m not having any of it. And neither should you.

No one who tolerated that flag to be prominently displayed on state grounds has any excuse. None. End of story. That ridiculous flag and it’s removal won’t fix this problem, which is multi faceted, NRA-deep and has its roots in economic and social oppression, but at least it’s a start. A start, of course, which should have begun in the 1960’s, when it was put on display. We need to rid ourselves of these symbols, anywhere they “hang,” and move the HELL on towards actual solutions, instead of knee jerk politically correct motions. This institutional and systematic oppression, overt or not, has had its day. If that flag, or others like it, hang in a public place, especially hoisted up by anyone’s official capacity, they should have already been taken down and burned. No one gets “credit” for turning their stance around on this. No one. Why? Because, of course, they are only doing it because they have been shamed. Otherwise, they’d have done it when no one was “looking” and pressuring them. By not standing up to this oppression, you have officially lost your chance to turn your stance “around.” If a public official allowed that flag to fly at ALL, they’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are unfit to lead.  END OF STORY. Because NOW, they’re faking it. Call it what it is: pandering, back pedaling, ass kissing, etc. No character at all.

For an excellent discussion about the history of racism in America and the events in Charleston, please listen to today’s Diane Rehm show, and particularly the last 10 minutes. Just incredible perspective by Georgetown University Law Professor Paul Butler.