Bernie & Hillary on TPP – who’d ya rather (vote for)?

Politicians are so notoriously vague on controversial issues that their own particular form of double speak and pandering to every possible voter stance has, sadly, become the norm. It can often be painful to watch them squirm around taking a position on much of anything these days, particularly when it’s sort of “outside” the usual political box. I think direct questions deserve direct answers, and should be a quick and easy litmus test for political leadership. In this area, like all the others, Bernie Sanders is crystal clear about how and why he thinks an issue deserves his support, or not. For virtually every other politician, doublespeak and vague “non-answers” remain their modis operandi.

Watch Bernie Sanders speak, in no uncertain terms, about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Fast Track Authority. This clip is from CBS’ Face the Nation last Sunday, June 14th.  Because of Bernie’s prodding for some sort of clarification on this issue from the Clinton campaign, Hillary spoke later that same day in Iowa about TPP.

Compare her tortured and empty response regarding TPP to Bernie Sander’s consistent and steady opposition to TPP. The choice is as clear as the differences are stark.

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