[Your state] for Bernie Sanders 2016

Social media platforms are working towards a “hive mentality” for a VERY good cause. If you are on Twitter, please look for your state and their Twitter feed for Bernie. I’ve found quite a few that look something like, ‘Kentucky for Bernie.” Many, many states have started their Bernie Twitter feeds. If your state doesn’t have one yet, please consider starting one (and send me the information so I can share it, please).  Additionally, Facebook has a lot of groups, with similar titles like “Kentucky for Bernie Sanders,” or “California for Bernie Sanders.”

In an ideal world, these pages and accounts are connected with each other. Since this will be the first presidential election in the United States where social media can and will play such a significant role, and particularly since Bernie Sanders will not take large campaign contributions from Super Pac’s, these connections are key to getting him elected. Never mind the dismissing projections by media pundits. We are in completely unchartered territory with a candidate like Bernie, who is so beloved across America. The media is already catching up on his “story,” and I suspect that they’ll be selling him short until the very end, at which point, they’ll have to rewrite history.

Please find and join as many of these accounts for Bernie as possible. In this way, we can be as joined together as possible. And please share this post.