Bernie Sanders will go all the way in 2016 (despite the media’s attempts to shut him out)

Have you ever heard the expression, “deafening silence?” I’m pretty sure that that’s what the mainstream and secondary media are creating around the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Even National Public Radio and its various programs seem to be doing a disservice to arguably the only politician actually taking a stand on ANYTHING in the 2016 campaign.

I was listening to “On Point Radio” on Friday and the panel discussed, at length, the clown car of Republican candidates for the 2016 election, sprinkling references to Hilary Clinton into the hour, and really not even mentioning Bernie until the end of the show. Finally, right near the end, a caller was put through who emphatically stated her support for Bernie, and she scoffs at the media’s dismissal of Sander’s presidential bid. I’ve downloaded the entire clip of that episode (below), but the most relevant political discussion begins at 37:55, with a reference and audio clip of Bernie Sanders at the 42:47 mark, and the caller comes in at 43:24. Take note of the panel’s response to her declared support of Bernie. They sound almost sheepish in their admiration of him:

Thom Hartmann also had an eye opening discussion about the media’s “silencing” of Bernie. Check out his discussion with Gaius Publius:

This is Gaius Publius’ article. It is excellent in explaining some of that deafening silence. Do not let anyone tell you that Bernie Sanders a) does not speak for the majority of Americans, regardless of their political affiliations, or that b) he hasn’t got a chance. In fact, whenever the opportunity arises, please, please call into talk shows, write comments on websites, and mention Bernie Sanders. In this way, and without him having to spend a penny, the American people force the discussion about him and make the media deal with actual issues, instead of drivel and nonsense.

For more information about Bernie Sander’s campaign, or to visit his new online store (bumper stickers, shirts, etc.), please follow this link.