What can you do TODAY to make the world a better place?

The following suggestion is NOT for the faint of heart. In fact, it should be considered more of a contact sport, not unlike jousting or mud wrestling. I personally try to engage in this activity at least once a day, but I’m going to suggest that you do not participate if you can’t take being insulted or demeaned. Let’s be honest: some days are better than others to be called a worthless bitch, right? If, on the other hand, you are good at dishing it out (and don’t mind taking it, as well), then Bernie Sanders, and mankind, needs you.

First, a little background: since an increasingly large part of America gets it news and information solely from online sources, there’s a new breed of activist/warrior/climate change denier/political operative that spends its waking hours online, scouring mainstream media websites looking for content related to their particular interest or cause or paycheck. Once the target or targets are acquired, this type of individual will go to the ends of the Earth to cast doubt and general aspersions, disseminate misinformation, begin rumors, start fake “debates” (they aren’t really trying to debate anything, although newcomers don’t know that) and generally muck up the atmosphere. These compensated pains in the ass (also known as “shills”) usually create several commenter accounts, have multiple screen names, and therefore are able to “play” off each other. “Each other” really being just themselves, but they make it appear that there is a general consensus about something…a sort of agreement or movement in one direction or another. The best modern day example of this relates to climate change deniers. As those of you have read my blog(s) already know, paid shills for the fossil fuel industry are crucial to their creating doubt about the validity of the climate science.

Those same shills can and are being utilized to discount Bernie Sander’s presidential bid. And THIS is where I need you because Bernie needs you. Much like a swarm that swoops into a situation and overpowers its opponent, a strong, directed presence online in support of Bernie Sander’s candidacy is vital to his success. For many Americans, the unopposed hiss of insults and accusations flung towards Bernie’s general direction may seem like it is getting awfully loud, and may represent a fictional appearance united against his candidacy.

So, a little while ago, I was about to jump into the comment section on an article at The Hill’s website about Bernie, and unleash my potty mouth and low brow insults when it occurred to me that, for once, I may not need to go this one alone.

Each media outlet operates a little differently. In the case of Disqus, it seems that pretty much ANYTHING goes. There is no insult too low for their comment sections. Others will delete you. It just depends. This is how it typically goes down:

1st:  Create an account to comment, or do so through one of your social media accounts. It can be entirely fictional or you can use your real information. In general, these loudmouths will not hunt you down in real life and do anything, no matter how insulting you are. They are weasels and cowards;

2nd: Reply directly to those who fling mindless, mean, unscrupulous comments around about Bernie, and let them have it. And by “have it,” I mean do not engage them in real debate, provide real links to anything of value…basically, they are not there to do anything but sling mud and feces at their target, be it climate change scientists, politicians, policies they oppose, or Bernie Sanders. If you don’t reply to THEIR comment, and you just put a comment under the article, they’ll never see it and no one will link it to your intended troublemaker. In this realm, you must not actually, not for one second, seriously contemplate what they are saying. Because they aren’t.

3rd:  When it comes to Bernie Sanders, you’ll typically see the same run-of-the mill insults and accusations that he’s a communist, a Marxist, too old, going to destroy America, eat small children, etc. Again, don’t bother actually debating the issue, because that’s not why they’re there. These people will NEVER, ever actually look at any link you provide. They won’t even ponder, for one split second, clicking on your link. That’s not what they’re getting paid to do. If you do provide a link, such as Bernie going to try and provide free college education for every American who wants one, for example, find the most mainstream article to link to. Your strategy is simple: any valid and beneficial link is for the sole benefit of the unsuspecting reader of the article who doesn’t realize they’re being manipulated by the shills OR, equally valid, your intent is to overpower by ridicule or “outing” the shill. Here’s an example of a good response vs. a response that wastes the commenter’s time. In this case, “Ed” is seemingly genuine in his attempt to gain knowledge and have a dialogue, but he gets ridiculed and dismissed as a noob for his sincere desire to actually engage “MarkJ.”

My comment, on the other hand, is directed at the shill, meant to discredit, demean and belittle him. If you can’t think of anything right off the bat, you can click on their photo or dig a little deeper for some chink in their armor. In the case of “MarkJ,” he’s probably got a phony photo up as himself, he’s using a phony name, multiple profiles to comment from, etc. But he still deserves all the ridicule you can muster and launch (be ready for incoming missiles afterwards):

hill example

Here’s an example of a different kind of interaction on the same Hill article:

hill example 2

Ed keeps trying and, if you go to the website and see this comment thread, Libturd Hugh Jayness and others just pounce on this exchange and ridicule poor Ed to no end. THIS would be an example of a good place for an actual link, like this one, because the unsuspecting/actual reader of the article may click your link and then you’ve provided them with potentially valuable and accurate information about Bernie’s candidacy.

And, of course, if you don’t have the stomach for the vicious name calling, insults and senseless banter, you can always just post a comment from you heart at the bottom of the entire comment thread and say that you love Bernie, or something like that. Just be prepared to be attacked, no matter what you say.

As frequent, as varied, as vicious as possible. THAT is the world of the paid denier and shill. On The Hill’s website, if you click on “Energy and Environment,” you’ll find a daily blood bath of comments. In general, the overwhelming preponderance of climate change deniers is amazing. And THAT is the fossil fuel industry, and YOUR taxpayer subsidies at work. There is, for the most part, a deafening silence from the “good guy camp,” but it sporadically comes to life from time to time.

In the case of the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders, those of us who truly want him as our next President need to rally and “swarm” the general media (and secondary media) sites in support of him. Otherwise, there is the appearance of a groundswell of opposition to the good work and the important messages that he embodies.

Here’s the link to the Hill article about Bernie Sanders. Keep in mind that NO candidate can ask supporters, en masse, to do what I’m asking. It would be political suicide to even suggest it. But it’s absolutely key to their success or failure that they have a cadre of supporters who will, as they say, “go to the mat” for them. Please share this article and go forth, warriors, and slay the enemy with your keyboards as if your future depends on it, because it might.