“The worst affected by corruption is the common man,” Kailash Kher (Indian pop singer)

All I have to say after reading this article about coal billionaire Jim Justice is that I will never, ever go to the Greenbriar again. And who let this crook get away with racking up so many fines and violations, all the while permitting him to continue building his billion dollar empire on the backs of hard working coal miners? Commissioner Steve Hohmann of the Kentucky Department for Natural Resources. Way to go, Steve! And good ole boy Steve also oversaw the huge reduction in mine inspections and inspectors, because, you know, he didn’t want to get in their way or anything.

And now Steve is giving the fracking industry the keys to the kingdom, so to speak.

KOGA Hohmann

And they’re using them to line up other sell-outs to bulldoze through “industry friendly” legislation, allowing them to mine Kentucky’s natural resources until there’s nothing left.

In the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association’s (KOGA) own words:

KOGA March newsletter_Page_1 KOGA March newsletter_Page_2

What an enormous bunch of crooked assholes!

I came across a group called Justice to Justice who are trying to put pressure on Jim Justice to pay his fines and clean up his mess before clearing out of Kentucky to go wreak havoc on other communities. Please “like” their Facebook Page and stand behind them and their good work. Together we stand, divided we (continue to) fall.

As corny as it sounds, it’s true, folks.