Kentucky and fracking – get the facts

Last night I went to a very nice meeting being held in Richmond, Kentucky by the Madison County Branch of The Women’s Network. The purpose of the meeting was to inform interested parties about hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which is being shoved down the throats of the good people of eastern Kentucky whether they like it or not. There was a shyster for the oil and gas industry present, sell-out geologist Brandon Nuttall, a wolf in dumpy, ugly sheep’s clothes whose attempts to look like a loser where made (almost) perfect with a big hanging pot belly and a haircut reminiscent of Mike Myers on a really bad hair day…

mike myers hair

nuttall meme
n addition to basically eating up all the available time allotted for both “sides” of the discussion, he was doing his level best to con the audience of decent, kind, polite senior citizens who didn’t seem to realize that this schmuck was literally working off the PowerPoint presentation given to him by his actual bosses, the oil and gas industry. When he appeared to be so flustered by the badgering that my daughter and I dished out to him that he couldn’t figure out his computer (?), a large image of a flower was “stuck” onto the projector screen. Yada yada yada. Lame. Again, going by the suggestions to appeal to emotion, not fact (their words, not mine) and appear harmless. Pathetic, really.

After Nuttall had managed to utterly waste 45 minutes of everyone’s lives with his lies and utter B.S., a true breath of fresh air was ushered up to the front of the room, albeit briefly (since Bozo the Clown took up most of the meeting). His name was Craig Williams and he’s from the Kentucky Environmental Foundation which is based in Berea, Kentucky. He got to speak for all of about 20 minutes, but his point was crystal clear. He is advocating against allowing frackers to descend upon his beloved region of Kentucky, and I have to say that after Nuttall’s cloying attempts to appear nice and folksy, Mr. William’s genuine concern about eastern Kentucky felt like sipping a soothing cup of Earl Grey tea, 2 lumps of sugar with a bit of lemon zest (my daughter called it, “shade,” as in “Mr. Williams is giving Nuttall lots of shade”).

I left the participants with an information sheet with lots of links to address (what I suspected would be) Nuttall’s rantings. I think I covered it.

For those who have questions about fracking in Kentucky or elsewhere, or who may have been there last night and are finding it difficult to type out all those links (sorry!), here they are, exactly as laid out on that paper:

1) Fracking contaminates groundwater:

2) Fracking wells pollute the air around them:

3) is corrupt and not a dependable or accurate source of information about fracking fluid:

And you can also go to my “tag cloud” and click on “” for more background about this website.

4) Fracking causes earthquakes:
USGS says, “yes:”

5) Eastern Kentucky is prone to landslides, which are made more possible by earthquakes:

6) Brandon Nuttall works for the oil and gas industry. He’s here to fool you:
Meeting and presentation he made to the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association 9/25/2014:

Meeting and presentation he made to the Kentucky Oil and Gas Association July 2014:

Mr. Nuttall also attended this KY Oil and Gas session on how to better fool you:

He’s at the bottom of page 2:’s%20Economy.pdf

In his own words (“about me”):!/

2009 Kentucky Oil and Gas Service Award Winner!

7) Regulating the fracking industry is difficult because of the Halliburton Loophole:

8) Horizontal Technology Energy Company (which just got a permit to frack in Johnson County, KY) is a big corporation out of Pennsylvania called EQT, which is under criminal investigation:

And EQT is hurting financially because of the drop in oil prices:

9) Using natural gas in your home that comes from fracked gas wells is dangerous:

(The man to the far left in the photo for this post is Jim Scheff. He’s with Kentucky Heartwoods and in this photo, he’s being forced to sit with Nuttall (to the far right) and another sell-out, William “I can’t be Satan since I’m a snappy dresser” Barr, of the Kentucky Oil and Gas Assholes. Err, I mean “Association.“)