Johnson County never had a chance

The Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas is clearly in cahoots with the oil companies that it’s supposed to be regulating. As this screenshot I took from a gas industry message board alludes to (below), drilling has probably already begun under a “stratigraphic permit:”


Here is the actual list containing the permit and here is a marked up copy of the pages, on which I’ve highlighted where you can access the Excel spreadsheet which refers to the confidential permit :

confidential-permit_Page_1 confidential-permit_Page_2

So, the whole charade of holding a public hearing in Frankfort last week was futile, as permitting was a forgone conclusion (which it appeared to be anyway). Therefore, the following information needs to go out to those who have signed leases with the crooks who are about to pollute their water.

Fracking Lawsuit

And this is the full article with links which may prove useful, down the road, when this whole thing “goes south” for those poor residents. I’m begging those reading this post, and who may know of people who’ve been approached and who may have already signed leases allowing drilling for gas on their property, to please reach out to them and make sure that they get this and other information which will be key to winning any future lawsuits. If they don’t follow some very narrow rules, and fast, they have no chance of succeeding in any lawsuits against the corporation poised to contaminate their groundwater and soil.

And If they don’t win, because they don’t play by rules that have been written by the fossil fuel industry itself and which will be aggressively enforced by government agencies actually created to protect its citizens, those eastern Kentuckians will be trapped in a situation where they can’t afford to leave their homes, and they will become sick from the toxic chemicals they have no choice being exposed to.

So many onion layers of WRONG.