What can you do TODAY to keep fracking out of Kentucky?

It’s perfectly clear that the Kentucky Division of Oil and Gas (part of the Department for Natural Resources) is attempting to shove through fracking permits in eastern Kentucky before any significant public opposition can be mounted to stop them. They are doing so without a) allowing the public to ask valid and important safety questions, b) without the opportunity for any type of public comment, and c) without performing proper due diligence. This is absolutely unacceptable in a democratic nation.

What’s needed here is some toe drag (I wrote about this on February 16th). For those who haven’t read my article about this hockey maneuver, let me explain that toe drag refers to the “toe” of the hockey stick, although the toe of the skate can and often does drag as well…

The purpose of toe drag is to alter the timing, and the (expected) trajectory and position of the puck. This move distracts and confuses the opposing side. By “deking” (short for decoy) and using toe drag, the momentum and direction of the play, if only for a split second, is controlled by the person with the puck. This inevitably leaves everyone else left to scramble and try to guess what comes next, and they feel momentarily out of control (something that the fossil fuel industry hates).

So, let’s slow down the momentum here to the kind of timing that better suits US, and not them.


We need to demand a PROPER public hearing, with opportunities to question Horizontal Technology Energy Company representatives and the KY Division of Oil & Gas. I can tell you right now that they’re going to fight this. They don’t want to answer ANY questions regarding this permit because the whole thing is completely dodgy. But we must cause such a ruckus in trying to do the reasonable thing in requesting a truly public hearing. At the very least, let them tell you “no.” If they tell you “no,” have them put it in writing and send me a copy by posting it on my FB page. Then, if the permit is approved, and when (not “if”) the water is polluted and the soil is contaminated, the residents who are affected by it will have proper recourse.This is all toe drag.

If you are uncertain about how to do this, here is an example. Such correspondence will go to the head of the Department for Natural Resources, Steve Hohmann:

Dear Commissioner Hohmann:
I am very worried about hydraulic fracturing in Kentucky. On February 25, 2015, the Division of Oil and Gas held a public meeting with representatives from Horizontal Technology Energy Company and the public was not allowed to ask a single question regarding permits to frack in Johnson county.

I am requesting a proper public hearing, with time set aside for all those who wish to publicly comment, with adequate time for questions to be directed to representatives from Horizontal Technology Energy Company and also directed to the Division of Gas and Oil commission.

Additionally, any groundwater studies, landslide studies and other safety studies and precautions which have been undertaken by both Horizontal Technology Energy Company and the Division of Oil and Gas should be made public immediately. As you can imagine, there appears to be an utter lack of transparency in this permitting process.


You can email him at Steve.Hohmann@ky.gov
You can fax him at (502) 564-5698
Or regular mail: KY Department for Natural Resources, #2 Hudson Hollow, Frankfort, KY 40601

Or you can do all three.

I know this kind of activism may make some of you uncomfortable. But THAT is exactly what oil and gas companies, and the government bureaucrats who enable them, are literally banking on. However, in the age of easy communication through the internet, you simply must make your voice heard. The door is slamming shut very quickly on your ability to have any input in this matter and once the vermin enter this state to frack the daylights out of the Bluegrass, it will be YOU who will be left to clean up their mess.

Horizontal Technology Energy Company is a recently made-up name for a company called EQT Corporation out of Pennsylvania. They are big time polluters and they absolutely do not give a damn what they leave behind. This, I promise you.

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Here’s more about EQT:

Newsroom | DEP_Page_1 Newsroom | DEP_Page_2

THIS is what EQT, now conveniently called Horizontal Technology Energy Company, WILL do here. If you let them, Kentucky. After you have written your letter, please share this with others concerned about fracking the Bluegrass.