Not even pretending to care

This was a reporter from the Louisville Courier-Journal’s impression of the meeting I attended today in Frankfort. I’m so glad that he was there to witness what transpired in that “public hearing” about fracking. I managed to get a few jabs in (Mr. Bruggers paraphrased one of them in this article) before I was rudely shut-down, silenced, and dismissed like a petulant child.

But this is not over yet. Not by a long shot. What’s that line from Dirty Dancing? “No one puts Baby in the corner!” We, the people who employ these rude, arrogant assholes are not going to sit back and just let this happen. Clearly, for this commission, who couldn’t even spell “fracking” correctly (they omitted the “k”) the whole thing was a done deal even before they stepped into that crappy little room.

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