Contest for today, January 19, 2015

There is a lot of interest and hope for a potential Presidential bid by either Bernie Sanders (I-VT) or Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Will Bernie Sanders even run, and, if so, would it be for President? Would Elizabeth Warren consider joining Sanders on the ticket as Vice President? It quite likely could be flipped, with Elizabeth Warren being the Presidential nominee, and Bernie Sanders running as her Vice President. These are unknowns. What IS known is that this could be a major chance for positive change in the United States. It might also prove too big a change for some voters, many of whom seem anchored to either the Democratic or the Republican Party.

The challenge: What would be a great (original) slogan for a Presidential ticket with Warren and Sanders on it? Something catchy, creative, a phrase or idea, that might, potentially, draw other types of more traditionally-inclined voters into supporting such a Presidential ticket?

This contest will take place primarily on my Facebook page, however, I realize that I have over 2,000 followers on this website and this contest will also appear in my Twitter feed. For voting purposes, if you write your entry on this website or on Twitter, I will do my best to find it and migrate it over to Facebook (so it can be voted on).

The top 3 highest recipients of Facebook “likes” for their slogan entry will receive an audiobook of Naomi Klein’s new book, “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate.” If there are duplicate “ideas,” then the time stamp of the first entry will be considered the valid entry. You can enter different ideas as many times as you wish.

In order for me to send you this audiobook, you will need to send me your email address in a private message (either on my Facebook page or through the main website). The audiobook is then delivered instantly. Two other things: the deadline for entries and voting will be 11pm Eastern Standard time tonight. And the winners will need to send me their email addresses no later than 11:30pm EST tonight. The reason behind this is that I’ve now earned enough audiobook credits through to get a few free audiobooks and those points expire tonight at midnight. As many of you already know, I love Naomi Klein’s book and I really want others to get a chance to read/listen to her insightful work. For those who have won Naomi Klein’s book in past contests, don’t worry about it. If you win again, we’ll find a different prize for you!

One last thing…any mean, sarcastic or insincere entries will be deleted instantly. And the commenter, as always, will be banned from my Facebook page or other websites.

On your mark, get set, GO!


  1. When Norman Mailer ran for mayor of NYC in 1969, he used a slogan that would be perfect for Warren-Sandes: No More Bullshit.


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